My 2018 Goals

I really swithered this year about whether I was going to come up with a list of goals or do another word of the year. I had actually decided on my word before I realised it was three weeks into January and I had done nothing with it. Instead, I'm using the end of January as inspiration to actually get some (achievable) goals down on paper, or screen, as the case may be.

Start blogging again. Ok, this one hasn't gone great so far but as I posted 3 times last year, and only once the year before, 2 posts in a month definitely feels like an improvement.

Spend more time with people I care about. This winter has been long, and cold, and dark. I really want to start seeing friends more regularly again. I've always been a bit of a hermit but recently it has been getting ridiculous.

Figure out my productivity schedule. I heard this term recently and it has really stuck with me - I definitely have different times when I am different types of productive. For example, I'm always more productive at work if I get in early, I'm absolutely useless just after work and my most creative times tend to come between 11 pm and 2 am. Knowing all of this doesn't necessarily mean that I know how to take advantage of it though - this year I am going to try and take advantage of my productivity peaks, and try not to force myself in my lulls.

Actually donate all those old clothes. I am great at organising my wardrobe and getting rid of items I don't wear anymore, unfortunately, I'm not great at the actually getting rid of them bit. I currently have 3 or 4 bin bags of clothes waiting to go to the charity shop, but I just can't bring myself to take that final step. This year that ends.

Don't pigeonhole myself. This was initially just related to blogging but I think it could be beneficial across more areas of my life. I don't want to limit myself based on other peoples expectations, whether that is online or in real life.

Buy a new DSLR. I got my Canon about 5 years ago and it has been reading a fault since 4.5 years ago. I've taken it to camera repair shops but they can't identify the fault, I've replaced all the bits on it that I can do easily but nothing has worked. I pulled it out at Christmas and it won't even focus anymore. This year I bite the bullet and buy myself a new one.

Go on more adventures with Scallywag. I've already mentioned my hermit tendencies but it isn't just me who is affected if I stay in all evening - my dog definitely deserves more fun and this year I want to increase the length of our walks as well as varying where we go more.

Use my bullet journal. I first tried bullet journaling last year and gave up pretty quickly. This year I really want to try and utilise it in a way that works for me. I've spent January trying out different layouts and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Now I just need to actually stick with it.

 What are your goals for 2018 and how are they going so far? How do you keep yourself accountable? 

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