What I Wore: An Ode To A Coat

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Pretty Confused: An Ode To A Coat Pretty Confused: An Ode To A Coat What do you do as a personal style blogger when it is too damn cold to take off your coat outside? You dedicate an entire post to said coat.  This coat had been with my for 2 Winters now and it is still holding up well, I'm not even its first owner - I nicked it off a good friend when she decided she didn't need it anymore and yet it's still going. I love the shape, the colour and most of all I love the hood, which never fails to make me feel like I'm in a fairytale, rather than making a wet and dreary walk to work.

I think finding the right coat is particularly important when you live in a cold country. It is the only item of clothing that I wear for over 200 days of the year. I've actually been searching for a new one since back in October but not had any luck. It's my outer layer and for a lot of the year it is the only bit of my outfit visible to the rest of the world. For that reason alone I always want to find one that represents me as well as an item of clothing can. 

These photos were taken on our New Years day walk with the pups and it was freezing - I did actually take one or two photos with my coat undone to show off the dress I was wearing my I looked so painfully uncomfortable and cold that I didn't want to share them. Instead you get these super cosy ones where I'm piled up with my gloves, hat and a good pair of woolly socks. Also I need to apologise for the photo quality here - you really wouldn't believe these were taken on my SLR would you? They are appallingly grainy. I think there must be an issue with one of the connections between my lens and the camera body. I've checked everything for dust but if my next set of photos come out the same way it might be time to get it sent off and fixed. What a pain. If anyone has any advice or can recommend a good camera repair place  in Edinburgh please let me know! 
Pretty Confused: An Ode To A Coat Pretty Confused: An Ode To A Coat Pretty Confused: An Ode To A Coat

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  1. I think that's a smart plan, maybe I'll photograph my coats more in the winter! :)

  2. Find a coat to love is definitely a top priority in Scotland. I love the hood on yours, much needed for windy old Edinburgh right now! Katey x

  3. Love these photos (grainy or not) this is a true fairytale coat indeed!

    Maria xxx

  4. Great photos, per usual! This coat is so pretty, it fits you perfectly! Love the hat too. The light in Ohio looks like this much of the time in the winter, I feel like we're almost in the same place! You get some cool castle-like structures though! :)

    <3 Megan

  5. Each and every outfit post I shoot, I'm thinking, 'What coat can I wear?' You're so, so right. In winter, an outfit is made by the coat! xx

  6. I love your bloggy! I just stumbled upon it and think it's pretty swell. A cute go-to coat is always a must... this one looks like it's super warn and could be worn with many items. Stay warm!


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