What I Wore: Cramond Island

Monday, November 10, 2014

Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore When I first started blogging all I wanted to post about what personal style - how things change. I think this is actually my first outfit post in about a month and the photos are from a few weeks ago now when I was on my holiday. I'm really pleased with how these photos turned out though, LF is getting better and better at photography and I do miss documenting my outfits. The amazing background helps a little as well of course. These were taken on the path out to Cramond Island,  which is in the Forth. Access is tidal so you have to be careful - the path is only accessible during low tide. Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to get all the way over there and back this time but it was a fun wee walk nonetheless. It was just lucky timing that we got to go on it at all. 

I kind of can't believe that these were taken only a few weeks ago and yet there I was outside without a coat! I think this was probably one of the final days it was warm enough to go without. I absolutely love this outfit so it was a good choice for that day, I think it's gotta a little bit of a 90's feel about it with the dress, cardigan and my big Winter boots. I actually got this dress on sale at Primark (in fact I think this whole outfit is from Primark at various times) and I really love it. The collar is absolutely adorable and for once I managed to get a dress that actually hits just above my knee making it perfect for work and play. I've also been wearing this hat loads recently, although of course the best accessory is Scallywag. 
Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore Speaking of Ms Wagtail (Scally-wag-tail, get it?) she's sporting her new Halti in these photos, which way be the greatest invention ever. If you haven't heard of a Halti before it is meant to stop dogs from pulling, we got one each for the pups for when they are staying with my parents. My mum absolutely loves the dogs and offers to look after them all the time but they are just a wee bit too big for her to handle together so this was the perfect solution. Despite what they look like they are most definitely not muzzles, the dogs still have full movement of their head and their jaw. The way it works is you attach it to the dogs head and their collar and then clip the lead into the ring between the two. This means if the dogs try to pull away their heads are pulled ever so slightly down or to the side, basically it stops them in their tracks. I've been finding it really useful for walking through town when I want to keep the two of them as close as possible. You can get them to fit all sizes of dogs and we picked ours up at Pets At Home for about £15 each. 

I swear I say this in nearly every post but wow, where has the year gone? We didn't get up to much for Halloween or the 5th of November this year, mainly because all the loud noises freak Scallywag out, but it's crazy to think that the next major holiday for us in the UK is Christmas. I couldn't believe it when I walked through the city centre to work this morning that they were already putting up Santa's village in St Andrew's Square. I've just started making up my lists of people to get/make presents for and that has definitely fired me up to get some ready, particularly those getting sent away to other countries. Luckily there are loads of ideas on Pinterest so I've created a secret board to store away my ideas for everyone. So many ideas, so little time! Have you started your Christmas shopping or crafting yet? 
Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore Pretty Confused blog // What I Wore
Outfit details: Dress, Cardigan, Bag & Boots - Primark. Hat - second hand (passed down by a lovely friend). 

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  1. Well I do love this outfit! I am glad you are posting them! Love the cardigan! It is starting to snow here today. Sigh. How I already miss summer!

  2. Oh I love your outfit! Especially those boots. I'm looking for a nice pair of boots for winter at the moment, might have to pop to Primark! :)

  3. You look so pretty :) I love the boots so much! There's something so cozy about the cardigan.

  4. Love this outfit and your hair is looking lovely! I have just started my Christmas shopping but I think I know what to get for everyone!

    Maria xxx

  5. You look lovely here! Great outfit, perfect fit & color combo :D Looks like such a cool place to walk, too! A nice backdrop indeed!



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