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Monday, November 17, 2014

Pretty Confused Monday Link List
The start of another week already, the end of the year is just getting closer and closer, isn't it? Well, let's start it off nice and easy with all the pretty and interesting things I've found recently. Starting off with the gorgeous shabby chic apartment
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I love this hat and the print on Jess' dress.
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
How gorgeous and green is this wall arrangement? From Smile and Wave
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
Tieka's outfit looks super cosy
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
When I finally get a desk suitable for working at I'm definitely going to make this mouse pad
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
This dress revamp from Kitty Cat Stevens is amazing. 
Pretty Confused Monday Link List I love this pink bob, such a subtle wee hint of colour. 
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
This recipe has been the find of our week, I made some on Wednesday and then more again for dinner last night. So tasty! 
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I love how Sade styled this playsuit, I've got a similar one but haven't quite figured out how to wear it yet. 

Sophie shared some of the ways she and her family have been trying to Live Consciously.

Rebecca shared some photos from her recent trip around the UK and Ireland and they are absolutely stunning. She is such a fantastic photographer.

This is such a great comic explaining why Net Neutrality is so important.

Ella shared a really great post about not selling yourself short as a blogger or small business owner which also includes some tips on working out how much to charge for your services. I think when you really love something it can be difficult to view it as work, even when it is.

This story My Grandma The Poisoner is captivating and terrifying.

Crissy shared her top 5 apps for photography and I actually hadn't heard of some of them. Definitely going to check them out as soon as I upgrade my phone.

I loved this post on why Morticia Addams is a Feminist Queen.

I feel like I sometimes have to make more of an effort to stay happy during Winter, it comes with the ridiculously short days we Northerners are exposed to. I loved these tips for curing the Winter blues, I'm definitely going to try a few. If the lack of light is affecting you really badly you should always consult a Doctor though.

These kits for the homeless are such a beautiful idea. And if you are interested in supporting homeless people in Scotland you should check of this GoFundMe to build velovan bicycle campers for people living on the streets in Glasgow. It's such an awesome idea and I really hope they hit their goal.

Happy Monday Folks!

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  1. i always love your link-lists! that first room is so beautiful<3


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