A Lazy Wet Saturday

Saturday, November 08, 2014

Pretty Confused blog Pretty Confused blog Whenever LF and I are off for the weekend together our weekends always seem to go the same way - get up late after cuddling up with the pups followed by a late breakfast and a long walk with the dogs. Today was no different, after sleeping almost disgustingly late we decided to go for a meander with the aim of grabbing a late lunch on our way. We joined up with the Water of Leith and started heading east towards one of the pups favourite parks. I'm really glad I managed to take these snaps before we got too far because in typical Edinburgh-style the rain got heavier and heavier over the afternoon until we got home absolutely drenched. We didn't even manage to get something to eat because we didn't want to take two big soaking wet dogs into any of the cafes we passed, it's been a long time since they have got that wet and muddy! 
Pretty Confused blog Pretty Confused blog Pretty Confused blog
I think we were all very happy to be cuddled up at home now, it took multiple cups of tea for my hands to warm up! What's your ideal lazy Saturday? 

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  1. It's such a lovely lazy post! My ideal Sturday and Sunday look more or less like Yours. The only difference is that I cuddle my cat and have less motivation to go for a walk :) Your blog is beautiful!

  2. Great photos, per usual! I agree, I love for my Sundays to look like yours. Resting is good for our health, after all! You're so lucky to have pups! I can't wait to get one. Although I did throw a frisbee to my boyfriend a few times today so I'm not totally without the experience, hah. :)

    <3 Megan


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