Month In Review: September 2014

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Pretty Confused Blog Month In Review Highlights

Our day trip to Aberdour (see the pics here) I'm already planning more day trips around Scotland in my head.

The Referendum, yeah, sorry guys, I'm still on it. It was definitely the biggest political moment of the month, possibly the year.

Two long weekends! I have a bunch of holiday time saved up so I'm trying to space it out. I only work 4 days a week anyway so taking an extra day off gives me a delightfully long 4 day weekend. It was lovely to just relax and bum around the house and visit with friends.

Rearranging our living area. Despite the fact we have been here over 9 months now I still don't feel like I have our flat the way I want it. Rearranging the furniture was definitely the first step in making it feel like home.

Working out my life balance a little bit. Considering how crazy last week was I feel like I should maybe take this off, but most of that was October. I often feel like I am struggling to fit everything I want to do around everything I need to do, but for most of September I felt like I was getting it kind of right. Let's hope I can pull this back for the rest of October.

A surprise visit from a good friend. Surprise visits are always lovely, even if it is from someone who lives up the road. Having someone I adore come all the way from Oxford was a fantastic treat. 

Autumn and silly blogger cliches. Successful thrifting (including that sideboard). Switching up my make-up routine. Feeling productive. Getting up early at the weekends. Getting excited about herbal tea again. A surprisingly warm month with very little rain. Making big plans. 

Book: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
Tea: Women's Energy by Yogi
Song: Talking Heads' Once In A Lifetime
Clothing: My Primark hat (seen in this post)
Make-Up: Bourjois CC Cream
TV Show: Castle.
Food: Homemade cajun chicken with vegetables and rice
Time Waster: Bubble Town on MSN Games

Looking Forward To
Having some time with LF - I don't mention him around here an awful lot but he has been working double his usual hours covering over the last month and it has been a real strain. We're trying to book a week off together for October to catch up. It's been really bizarre living with my boyfriend but barely seeing him. 
Halloween - me and everyone I know. It's the first holiday that has seemed reasonable to decorate the flat for. I've been perusing Pinterest for fun ideas. 
Crisp mornings - it has been unseasonably warm for the majority of September so I am actually quite looking forward to there being a little bite in the air, but maybe just on my early morning dog walks.

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  1. i love your new design! i've been stumped with work lately - any sentence contains holiday makes me jealous. hhaa. i hope you have a great trip!

  2. Love the new look, a work/life balance is so hard to get right, I'm still struggling with that :(

    Maria xxx


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