10 Last Minutes Halloween Ideas

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

If you are anything like me then you have a tendency to leave things until the last minute. I was so excited about our first proper excuse to decorate the flat for a holiday but totally spaced on the fact Halloween is on Friday until the start of this week. Luckily there are loads of resources out there for forgetful people like me so I thought I would share some of the best free printables, diys and recipes I've found perusing Pinterest. 
I'm all about candles at this time of year so I think this would be a really simple way of adding a little spookiness to the flat. The print is free and putting it around a glass is, well, putting it around a glass. How simple do you want it? From Mr Printables.
 This selection of shadow puppet printables is so cute! I particularly like the monster and the devil's moustache. Perfect if you want to do something Halloween inspired with kids, find the original files here.
 Every blogger and their mum decorates with fairy lights so I bet you have a spare set hanging around somewhere. This shapes are so simple but make amazing. How can a a bit of black card with ears and lights look so adorable? From My Cakies
 Not got a costume prepared yet? Go super simple with these masks or you could use them to decorate by putting them on your wall. Also from Mr Printables.
Turn your books into potion books! Bonus point because Christine used Harry Potter books as her base. From Little House On The Corner
A little more of a subtle decoration, these free prints would be perfect to add to a gallery wall as a little nod towards the season, by Kiki & Company
 Not necessarily Halloween themed but for a quick bit of Autumn decoration I love these glitter leaves, gorgeous but a bit more subtle than ghosts and ghouls. From 6th Street Design School
 And of course it isn't Halloween without some tasty treats, starting with these poison toffee apples. Don't they look fantastic?
 Or how about these frozen banana ghosts? They freeze in only 4 hours and they are ridiculously cute. 
For those with slightly more hand eye coordination you could try and make these skeleton ginger breadmen. I've been on such a ginger kick the last few weeks so these would be perfect for me to munch on all weekend.

What are your favourite Halloween treats? 

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