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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Pretty Confused Pretty Confused

Oh look! An outfit post - it feels like it has been a while! You could totally believe that these photos were taken this week - right? I mean, where did Summer go? The last few weeks I feel like Autumn has really hit us. I mean coats and 2 sets of tights weather in August? I'm not impressed. These photos were actually taken way back in April or May. I can't really remember now. You can see I was going for a Spring colour scheme though, I even escaped my comfort zone and wore some neon. 

This raspberry dufflecoat is the real winner in this outfit though, it's light weight but just warm enough for the inbetween stages before and after Summer. I absolutely love the colour too, I think it'll look great as the leave change. The bag I am using in these photos has become a wardrobe staple too, I needed something small but that I could still fit everything in and spotted this in Primark for a measly £8. The purple tone is lovely and the pattern adds some interest to a pretty versatile piece. 
Pretty Confused Pretty Confused
I seem to be having a particularly unlucky time of it at the moment. I'm glad to say my sciatica while not completely gone is a much more manageable type of pain, unfortunately on my way to recovery I also seem to have picked up LF's nasty cold. I've spent the last few days shivering, hiding under blankets and desperately hoping that I will get through work. I've managed it all so far but my great plans for partying this weekend may need to put on hold again - I suspect all I will want to do is curl up under my new soft blanket and cuddle the pups. Ah well, nothing that can be done about that. I am beginning to feel like the majority of my thoughts revolve around being ill and being in pain. I promise I will shut up soon!

On a more positive note I am meeting one of my favourite people this afternoon so we can take advantage of my third off sushi birthday voucher - yum! And then I've got lots of work to do towards a brand new project me and a couple of friends are starting up. I'll make sure to give you all the details when we've launched! I feel like I am at such an exciting point in my life right now, with so much more going on. I'm hoping 27 is going to be a really productive, full year for me. It's definitely shaping up that way so far anyway. 
Pretty Confused Pretty Confused

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  1. This raspberry coat is lovely! I am so glad it is cooler now, I HATE the heat!

    Maria xxx

  2. Yes, yoga - it will change your life! Relieves any pain I ever have, really. In person classes are awesome, but if you experiment at home I recommend Shiva Rea on youtube and such! Hope you find some relief, somewhere, at any rate. Love everything about this outfit anyway, you sure have mastered how to compliment your lovely hair with the colors you choose :)

    <3 Megan

  3. Your bag is gorgeous, love it!


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