Three Positives For Three Days

Friday, August 29, 2014

I always like to try and pick up on a couple of positive things each day, either small good deeds I have done or just little things that I am really grateful are part of my life. It seemed natural that I'd jump on the 3 Good Things project that is going around Facebook at the moment. I figured I would make things easy for myself by doing the project over my birthday weekend, but as it turned out pretty much none of my plans came to fruition. Poor LF was knocked out by a nasty bug over the weekend so my plans of socialising, partying and generally seeing people evaporated. C'est la vie. I had a great weekend looking after him and seeing family, which I suppose is what life is all about anyway. Anyway, I can always party next weekend instead, can't I?

Friday 22nd August
Spending time with my parent's.
Watching Scallywag playing on the beach.
Spending midnight of my birthday as I mean the year to go on - reading a book and eating strawberries.

Saturday 23rd August
Turning 27!
Some incredible, touching birthday messages.
An amazing boyfriend who insisted on trying to cook for me, despite being horribly ill - don't worry, when I spotted him I made him sit down and took over.

Sunday 24th August 
Seeing my superstar of a little brother - I seriously love that kid.
A long bath with some birthday Lush products.
A reminder that even when you think stuff can't get any worse you can still face it with a smile and a happy disposition.
Pretty Confused Scallywag at the beach
What positive thing has happened to you today? 

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