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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To

Wow, time flies, huh? I cannot believe it is the middle of August already - it's only six days until my birthday! It's been a pretty boring week 'round here, last Friday I did something stupid to my back/hip and they've diagnosed it as sciatica. I spent the majority of the week barely able to walk and in a lot of pain. Happily it all seems to be behind me now, I managed to get out of the house today without the help of any painkillers. I've never been so happy to be on public transport! 
Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To
Due to the ridiculous amount of pain I was in (seriously guys, if you suffer from sciatica often I feel for you) I spent most of the week hanging out at home, knitting and moaning to LF. The photos here that you haven't already seen on my instagram are from a day trip we took a couple of weeks ago for LF's birthday. I've got more to share with you but these ones didn't really fit in anywhere, plus the rain in the first one gives you a pretty good idea about what the weather 'round here has been like lately. What happened summer? 
Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To

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  1. Oh happy early birthday! I had sciatica when I was pregnant this last time and OMG is it one o fht

  2. of the most painful experiences of my life! I hope you feel better! The photos of the flowers are gorgeous!

  3. Hope you are feeling a bit better now, my mum had sciatica and she said it was SO painful!

    Maria xxx


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