July In Review

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Pretty Confused Month In Review
It appears unintentionally that 'more relaxed posting schedule' has actually translated into 'I'm just not going to post for a month'. I know, I'm disappointed in myself too. I suppose the only plus side is now I get to do a 'Month in Review' where you haven't heard about everything already. There had to be a silver lining there somewhere! 

  • Birthdays. birthday season is definitely upon is, starting at the end of June. This year one of my friends decided to celebrate by getting everyone dressed up and playing board games in the park. It was so much fun I tempted to do the same thing for my own birthday celebrations at the end of the month.
  • Enjoying my city. I always make an extra special effort during June and July to get all my summer in the city stuff done and enjoy it as much as possible. This year has been really good to me with lots of sunny days and things to do. Every week of July I popped in to the city centre and enjoyed myself, which means I can avoid it for the majority of August. 
  • Goodbye parties. One of my favourite people headed off for Canada last month and we had an amazing goodbye party for him with cake, fizzy alcohol and much silliness. I'm almost tearing up thinking that he isn't back until January but I am so excited to hear all about his travels and I've got my first 'home comforts' package to send out to him soon. He's the not the first of our group to disappear for the Summer but he's the one who I will miss the most. 
  • The calm before the storm. August is always a busy month for me, in fact I hazard to say it is a busy month for most people in Edinburgh. It was really nice to take a bit of a break during July and stockpile sleep, catch up with people and generally relax a little bit. 

Sunshine. Playing with the dogs in the river. Getting some more of my books unpacked. All the best fruit being in season. Extra long days. Light Summer reading. Salads. Learning to knit. Learning to weave. New projects.

Looking Forward To
Birthdays (mine and LF's). Long weekends. Celebrity spotting. Fireworks (exciting for me, terrifying for poor Scallywag). Finally organising an eye check. New yarn. Knitting and nattering. Late licenses. General Edinburgh Festival craziness. 

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  1. Sounds like it's been a gorgeous summer for you! I love exploring the city in the summer too...so much to do and see. Mine has been so crazy though and now I feel like in August things wind down a bit and i have more time to do some of these things :-) Best wishes for August!


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