Three Positives For Three Days

I always like to try and pick up on a couple of positive things each day, either small good deeds I have done or just little things that I am really grateful are part of my life. It seemed natural that I'd jump on the 3 Good Things project that is going around Facebook at the moment. I figured I would make things easy for myself by doing the project over my birthday weekend, but as it turned out pretty much none of my plans came to fruition. Poor LF was knocked out by a nasty bug over the weekend so my plans of socialising, partying and generally seeing people evaporated. C'est la vie. I had a great weekend looking after him and seeing family, which I suppose is what life is all about anyway. Anyway, I can always party next weekend instead, can't I?

Friday 22nd August
Spending time with my parent's.
Watching Scallywag playing on the beach.
Spending midnight of my birthday as I mean the year to go on - reading a book and eating strawberries.

Saturday 23rd August
Turning 27!
Some incredible, touching birthday messages.
An amazing boyfriend who insisted on trying to cook for me, despite being horribly ill - don't worry, when I spotted him I made him sit down and took over.

Sunday 24th August 
Seeing my superstar of a little brother - I seriously love that kid.
A long bath with some birthday Lush products.
A reminder that even when you think stuff can't get any worse you can still face it with a smile and a happy disposition.
Pretty Confused Scallywag at the beach
What positive thing has happened to you today? 

What I Wore: Something Bright

Pretty Confused Pretty Confused
Oh look! An outfit post - it feels like it has been a while! You could totally believe that these photos were taken this week - right? I mean, where did Summer go? The last few weeks I feel like Autumn has really hit us. I mean coats and 2 sets of tights weather in August? I'm not impressed. These photos were actually taken way back in April or May. I can't really remember now. You can see I was going for a Spring colour scheme though, I even escaped my comfort zone and wore some neon. 

This raspberry dufflecoat is the real winner in this outfit though, it's light weight but just warm enough for the inbetween stages before and after Summer. I absolutely love the colour too, I think it'll look great as the leave change. The bag I am using in these photos has become a wardrobe staple too, I needed something small but that I could still fit everything in and spotted this in Primark for a measly £8. The purple tone is lovely and the pattern adds some interest to a pretty versatile piece. 
Pretty Confused Pretty Confused
I seem to be having a particularly unlucky time of it at the moment. I'm glad to say my sciatica while not completely gone is a much more manageable type of pain, unfortunately on my way to recovery I also seem to have picked up LF's nasty cold. I've spent the last few days shivering, hiding under blankets and desperately hoping that I will get through work. I've managed it all so far but my great plans for partying this weekend may need to put on hold again - I suspect all I will want to do is curl up under my new soft blanket and cuddle the pups. Ah well, nothing that can be done about that. I am beginning to feel like the majority of my thoughts revolve around being ill and being in pain. I promise I will shut up soon!

On a more positive note I am meeting one of my favourite people this afternoon so we can take advantage of my third off sushi birthday voucher - yum! And then I've got lots of work to do towards a brand new project me and a couple of friends are starting up. I'll make sure to give you all the details when we've launched! I feel like I am at such an exciting point in my life right now, with so much more going on. I'm hoping 27 is going to be a really productive, full year for me. It's definitely shaping up that way so far anyway. 
Pretty Confused Pretty Confused

Hey There Honeybee

Pretty Confused - Hey There HoneybeePretty Confused - Hey There Honeybee
I've always been a little bit fascinated and terrified of bees, but when I spotted dozens of them on one plant last week I plucked up some courage and decided to snap a couple of shots. I'm always really pleased when I spot bees in the city - we've all heard that they are in trouble and seeing so many makes me suspect someone nearby has a hive. Aren't they absolutely beautiful? I had so much fun trying to get the perfect shot - I must have taken at least a hundred photos and was so pleased to get this many relatively sharp ones. Sometimes it is fun to push your comfort zone a little and try photographing something a little bit different. 
Pretty Confused - Hey There HoneybeePretty Confused - Hey There Honeybee

My Week (Or So) In Photos

Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To
Wow, time flies, huh? I cannot believe it is the middle of August already - it's only six days until my birthday! It's been a pretty boring week 'round here, last Friday I did something stupid to my back/hip and they've diagnosed it as sciatica. I spent the majority of the week barely able to walk and in a lot of pain. Happily it all seems to be behind me now, I managed to get out of the house today without the help of any painkillers. I've never been so happy to be on public transport! 
Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To
Due to the ridiculous amount of pain I was in (seriously guys, if you suffer from sciatica often I feel for you) I spent most of the week hanging out at home, knitting and moaning to LF. The photos here that you haven't already seen on my instagram are from a day trip we took a couple of weeks ago for LF's birthday. I've got more to share with you but these ones didn't really fit in anywhere, plus the rain in the first one gives you a pretty good idea about what the weather 'round here has been like lately. What happened summer? 
Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To Pretty Confused What I've Been Up To

July In Review

Pretty Confused Month In Review
It appears unintentionally that 'more relaxed posting schedule' has actually translated into 'I'm just not going to post for a month'. I know, I'm disappointed in myself too. I suppose the only plus side is now I get to do a 'Month in Review' where you haven't heard about everything already. There had to be a silver lining there somewhere! 

  • Birthdays. birthday season is definitely upon is, starting at the end of June. This year one of my friends decided to celebrate by getting everyone dressed up and playing board games in the park. It was so much fun I tempted to do the same thing for my own birthday celebrations at the end of the month.
  • Enjoying my city. I always make an extra special effort during June and July to get all my summer in the city stuff done and enjoy it as much as possible. This year has been really good to me with lots of sunny days and things to do. Every week of July I popped in to the city centre and enjoyed myself, which means I can avoid it for the majority of August. 
  • Goodbye parties. One of my favourite people headed off for Canada last month and we had an amazing goodbye party for him with cake, fizzy alcohol and much silliness. I'm almost tearing up thinking that he isn't back until January but I am so excited to hear all about his travels and I've got my first 'home comforts' package to send out to him soon. He's the not the first of our group to disappear for the Summer but he's the one who I will miss the most. 
  • The calm before the storm. August is always a busy month for me, in fact I hazard to say it is a busy month for most people in Edinburgh. It was really nice to take a bit of a break during July and stockpile sleep, catch up with people and generally relax a little bit. 

Sunshine. Playing with the dogs in the river. Getting some more of my books unpacked. All the best fruit being in season. Extra long days. Light Summer reading. Salads. Learning to knit. Learning to weave. New projects.

Looking Forward To
Birthdays (mine and LF's). Long weekends. Celebrity spotting. Fireworks (exciting for me, terrifying for poor Scallywag). Finally organising an eye check. New yarn. Knitting and nattering. Late licenses. General Edinburgh Festival craziness.