What I Wore: Pattern Clash

Friday, June 13, 2014

Pretty Confused Pattern Clash Pretty Confused Pattern Clash Pretty Confused Pattern Clash

When was the last time you walked into a charity shop and found a perfect dress? All of you who love thrifting will know the moment. You spot a pattern, or a cut, or a detail and you pull out something absolutely perfect, the dress that you wish all dresses would look like. Then there is the moment of panic, was it on the wrong hanger? In the wrong place? Will it fit? It's the moment we all hope for. That's exactly how I felt when I spotted this lovely piece. I was just walking home from work and decided to pop into one of the (many) charity shops I walk by. I was actually looking for a sideboard for the flat, but there wasn't anything quite right, so I ended up at the clothes instead. Not only is it absolutely beautiful but at £4 it was a complete steal as well.

I wanted to try and put together a second hand outfit to go along with the dress but I found it a bit more difficult that I expected. I've not been doing as much trawling the charity shops lately and it is definitely showing in my wardrobe. I did manage to find this cardigan that I've had for a couple of years now and my newer foxy scarf but my bag is from Primark as are my boots. I unintentionally ended up with a bit of a pattern clash but I love how this outfit ended up. I was a bit worried I wouldn't be able to wear a lot of red with my hair coloured again but I think this looks pretty good. 

Finding this dress has made me excited about checking out charity shops again, I think I might ban myself from the high street for a month or so and see if I have any more luck. What have your favourite charity shop finds been lately? 
Pretty Confused Pattern Clash Pretty Confused Pattern Clash

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  1. I wear red with red hair all the time. That's such a myth that you can't. I think you look awesome. These patterns are great together and I'm kind of in love with your scarf. So cute!

  2. I love the pattern of that dress. It's been a long time since I found any real gems in a charity shop. I think the red looks great with your hair. When I first dyed my hair red a few years ago I shied away from anything red but now I love it. x

  3. Your hair looks great! I love your dress! And I love the feeling you describe of finding that amazing dress, having it fit AND the price being amazing!

  4. I admire your thrift skills. I always find it hard to spot things in the great mass of clothes they have in our local thrift shops. There's no sorting whatsoever and to be honest, the endless racks of unsorted clothes even scare me a bit! This dress was definitely a steal, and I adore how you paired it with that fox print scarf. That fox print, by the way, is SO cute! xo

  5. So pretty :D It looks great with your hair color!! Putting together a secondhand outfit sounds like the perfect challenge.

  6. You are SO pretty! Love the patterns in this outfit, but the colors are especially great - that rust color is perfect on you!

    <3 Megan



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