What I Wore: Failed Outfit Post

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Pretty ConfusedPretty ConfusedPretty Confused

This was meant to be an outfit post but, as you can probably tell, I got a bit distracted. In fact if I'm honest there were no good photos of my outfit in this bunch of photos. Luckily there were lots of nice ones of plants and things. These are actually a couple of weeks old now but I still wanted to share them. I was looking through my 'draft' folder at the weekend and found them forgotten at the bottom of the page. Going through them late last night I couldn't believe how sunny and warm it looked. The weather has been so changeable lately I can barely believe it is Summer. We've had some truly incredible rain the last few days, but photos like this remind me there are good points in Scotland too.

When we moved back in the middle of January I actually felt like this area of town was a bit bleak. We had lived by a large park for the couple of years before that and moving down by the river I felt like everything was a bit bare and grey. It turns out I couldn't have been more wrong - there is greenery everywhere round here! I know it is a silly thing to get excited by but I think being around nature makes me feel so much more grounded - even if it is hidden between rows of concrete. I swear if I moved out of the city I would have a  heart attack! It's funny how nature, or even just photos of nature, can effect you that way. 
Pretty ConfusedPretty ConfusedPretty Confused
Pretty ConfusedPretty Confused
Outfit Details: Jeans, Trainers and Bag from Primark. Everything else thrifted. 

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  1. I have found that since I haven't been taking blog photos, I have been taking an obscene amount of pretty nature photos on my walks lately. I haven't shared any, but it I think that being able to focus on the beauty you find out and about can be so refreshing. Glad you are getting to know your new whereabouts!

  2. The bits of your outfit that i can see look like it was cute and comfy! Love the dandelion pic! :)

  3. Gorgeous photos, I particularly love the last one!

    Maria xxx


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