Childhood Memories: Croissant In A Can

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Sunday morning breakfast in our house isn't usually a big deal. Actually, let's be honest, breakfast in general isn't that big a deal in our house. My walk to work in the morning usually involves desperately stuffing whatever I could get my hand on into my face without spilling it all over the work clothes. At my parent's house though breakfast is a big deal and Sunday breakfast, well, they take that pretty damn seriously. Of one my strongest memories from when I was a child was making breakfast with my Mum, cereal, bacon, I think we even went through a brief kipper phase when I was a child. But my absolute favourite was croissants in a can.  

Some time late last year I was talking to a friend about memories from our childhood and she brought up croissants in a can. We spent a couple of minutes reminiscing about how much we enjoyed them, promised that we would keep an eye out in our respective supermarkets and then promptly forgot all about them again. Until last week, when I finally spotted them in a refrigerated section of our local Scotmid for only a pound. I couldn't resist. 

We had them for breakfast on Sunday morning with coffee rather than orange juice now that I'm an adult, but wow! It was so much fun making them again after all these years and even better I got to introduce LF to one of my favourite childhood memories. I'm definitely going to get some more this weekend so I can do it again, maybe it'll even become a little tradition, one that I might be able to share with my future children some day too. 

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  1. I have never tried croissants in a can before! I have seen a recipe for croissants filled with Nutella and hazelnuts which sounds tasty.I may have to try them this weekend too.


  2. Breakfast was never a big deal for me. I couldn't even eat in the morning for the longest time lol. I recently just tried croissants too (from a can). I have been missing out!

  3. In all my life, I've never really done breakfast. I prefer brunch because just the thought of getting up early for breakfast makes me cringe haha. I have never tried these, but recently we have been cooking croissants and chocolate broodje (or pain aux chocolate - I'm too used the dutch name haha) in the mornings from frozen - they aren't too bad. Not as good as the real deal but good enough for breakfast on the bus.


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