Sunny Easter Weekend

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pretty Confused Sunny Day
Pretty Confused Sunny Day

I love it when the weather does what I want, we had the most amazing sunny long weekend followed by a horrible grey, rainy day today for my return to work. It definitely made it easier spending this morning inside catching up on emails. These photos aren't my best but living in Scotland means that I've not really had a lot of practice using my camera in bright sunlight. I think I suddenly understand why people in sunnier countries harp on about the 'golden hour'. It was definitely a challenge getting anything that wasn't badly pixelated, but a fun one. Hopefully the weather will keep up and I'll have more chances to practice in the next few weeks. 

This is another one of my favourite wee spots down by the river. The dogs had walked around with us in town for a couple of hours on Saturday and we could tell the heat was beginning to get to Mania. Poor wee thing hasn't fully shed her Winter coat yet so even 15 degrees was a little too warm for comfort. She was ecstatic to get down to the river and jump into the water, followed by rolling herself in something smelly on the opposite bank. They had loads of fun showing off to the people walking by the river while LF and I enjoyed the sun. 
Pretty Confused Sunny DayPretty Confused Sunny DayPretty Confused Sunny DayPretty Confused Sunny Day

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  1. Isn't it such a novelty to see the sun?! This looks like a really lovely spot to soak it up.


  2. looks like a beautiful spot, the dogs must love it! I always get nervous when I have to shoot in bright sunlight, but I think you just have to work with it, like you did here, lovely!


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