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Sunday, April 20, 2014

All those photos on my camera from the week that don't really fit anywhere else.
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos Pretty Confused My Week In Photos Pretty Confused My Week In Photos

I know I'm harping on about it but I cannot express how much I love living by the river. These are all from various dog walks throughout the week and it is just so peaceful down there. I never want to live in any other area of Edinburgh again. 
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos Pretty Confused My Week In Photos
We popped up to the Grassmarket yesterday to check out the markets and see our lovely friends who run Missy's Vegan Bakery. They make the most amazing cakes and I love going to visit them when their working, especially because it's an excuse to bulk buy their products. We came home with at least 6 cupcakes plus some biscuits and brownies (and they are all gone already). 
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos
I've been waiting for a special occasion to wear these elephant tights and I finally went for it today for Easter dinner. They're the perfect wee touch of fun for an outfit (Mania agrees).
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos
I've been trying not to spend at much money on clothes recently, unfortunately I don't think I've managed to save any of that money because I've been spending it on home stuff and treating myself to flowers. I love the colour of these tulips, they definitely make our white flat more colourful (especially since we don't have anything on the walls yet).
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos
My family are feeding my candle addiction - they got me two of these ones from George instead of Easter eggs this year. I love the jars and I've got this 'Spring Daisy' one on at the moment. It definitely packs a punch - so perfect for covering the smell of mucky pups, although I wouldn't recommend it if you don't like strong smells. 
Pretty Confused My Week In Photos
Proof that even the prettiest of us don't always take the perfect photo.

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  1. I love going for walks by rivers. There's something so calming about it. Those tights and cakes look amazing,

  2. I did exactly the same thing...stopped buying clothes and spent it on household goods! I'm a spender at heart. Loving your elephant tights mixed with pink shoes! Gorgeous xx

  3. Mania is the cutest! Love the elephant tights, they look ace with those shoes...

    Maria xxx


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