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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Pretty Confused iPhone Photos Pretty Confused iPhone Photos

So as you guys probably guessed from my last post I haven't been using my SLR quite as much as usual lately. It is still having some problems with the shutter but none of the camera shops I have visited have been able to help. Damn Canon. I have been making a little bit of an effort to be more active on social media lately recently, what with my lack of activity here, and that has led to a bit of an Instagram addiction. I'm not quite living my life through my phone but it's a close call. I just find it infinitely more fun to use than Twitter, which I always seem to be complaining on, or Facebook which I have so far kept pretty private. We bloggers tend to be voyeurs to a certain extent and I love getting glimpses into other people's day as well as saving my own moments for prosperity. It's been said a thousand times before but in this digital age so few of my photos ever see the light of day. Instagram is a great excuse to share photos that, let's be honest, probably wouldn't make it out into the world otherwise.
Pretty Confused iPhone Photos Pretty Confused iPhone Photos Pretty Confused iPhone Photos

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  1. Instagram is one of my favourite social media tools too - whether it's for uploading my own pics or just appreciating others - it's like eye candy whereas I find Twitter a little too chaotic. Your new neck of the woods looks very pretty too by the way and it looks like you've been settling in nicely :)

  2. I always enjoy these sorts of blog posts, it makes me wish i had Instagram but my phone doesn't support it. I was visiting Edinburgh a couple of weekends ago and did the walk along the Water of Leith to Dean Village, one of your photos looks quite similar to one i took! Its a lovely area!


  3. Instagram is awesome! def my favorite app! love your grams, neat to see what your life is like over the ocean!


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