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Monday, January 20, 2014

This painting by Vera Spencer 'View Through A Window' is absolutely gorgeous and makes the idea of post Christmas snow kind of appealing
I've been crazy for tights and shorts lately and I love the way Rachel-Marie has styled them with this pussy-bow blouse and wide brimmed hat.
Yep, you are. Isn't this illustration from Flora Waycott Design absolutely adorable?
These rain cloud biscuits from Yui__ are amazing, in fact all of the food photos on this account are amazing
If you haven't got a calender for this year yet there are so many amazing free ones available, including this one from MiniReyve
This Bell Jar painting by Becca Stadtlander is beautiful
This message from Two Add Two should be up near our kitchen table, I haven't been out a lot in the last few weeks but I have had lots of people over for cups of tea and long chats.  
I've never seen any paper sculptures as beautiful as this before, the detail and colours are just beautiful, from DeeDeeJacq
My hair is very nearly long enough to put in a top knot again and I'm quite excited about trying it out in new ways like this (no source)
I've been really drawn towards rich, warm colours recently and this outfit from The Dainty Squid combines so many of my current favourites

5 Things - Feeling Happy In January The Januaries is definitely something I am prone to suffer from (and I know I am not the only one) Kate has some great tips for combating that down in the dumps, post holiday, feeling.

Edith The story of Edith really touched me, it's truly amazing what can happen in a single lifetime. If you only read one link on this list I recommend this one (via Smidge)

14 F**** I Refuse To Give In 2014 I'm terrible for getting myself really stressed out over completely unnecessary things, this post is not only really funny but a great reminder that some things aren't worth caring about. 

Why Use A Tripod Buying a tripod was one of the first things I bought as a blogger, before I even had my own camera, and I find it kind of sad that it doesn't get a lot of use. This post makes me want to take it out with me more often - if only it wasn't so heavy. 

The Start (100 Day Shopping Ban) Rachel and a couple of other people are all taking part in a 100 day shopping ban and I think it is so amazing! I'm really looking forward to following along and seeing how they manage, maybe it will even inspire me to try it myself in the future. 

Staying Creative - Where I Find My Inspiration/How Do I Log It? Ella posted about how and where she finds her inspiration and how she captures it. 

My Life In Profile Pictures I really love this idea for a post, I've had my Facebook for years and although I don't use it much now I must have a treasure trove of photos showing my changing looks in my profile photo folder. 

A Century Of Style Need some outfit inspiration for the day? This is the video for you. Each time I watch it I notice a new clothing item or detail that makes me want to try out a new style. 

Planning Outfits For A WWII Re-Enactment Lucille is attending a WWII re-enactment and getting a look into how she puts together her outfits is fascinating. 

29 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter I'm really excited about reading this e-book from Sarah and Yes & Yes, another way of combating the Januaries. 

Living Simply - Tales Of A Collector I've got lots of things, an almost ridiculous amount of things, that I have collected over the years. Many of them have sentimental value, or evoke particular feelings for me, but I imagine there are just as many now that I don't love the same way. Sophie's post really made me think about how much I enjoy my habit and also how much I need to cut down. 

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  1. Wow so many interesting, inspiring things all at once! Thanks for sharing all this! x

  2. The illustrated and other art pieces you find are SUCH a breath of fresh air. I love arts and crafts so much, and you find that which truly does warm my heart. Thank you for that!

    I MUST MAKE THOSE BISCUITS! I love rainy and or stormy weather!

    I am a huge fan of everything WWII, so I can't wait to click through and browse that article / post!

    Happy Monday, friend!

  3. The super duper cat illustration is killing me. Love itttttttt.

    Amen Fashion †

  4. I don't think the Edith link goes to the right place it takes me to the ABM blog. Do you have a link? it sounds interesting! A lovely list as always, i love the century of style video.


  5. Oh dear, thanks so much for letting me know. The link should be
    I hope you like it xo

  6. What a beautiful piece, it was quite moving to read about social change throughout her life especially as my own Nan was only born a couple of years after Edith. It reminds me i really need to read more non-fiction this year, especially memoirs and autobiographies.

  7. Those raindrop cookies are perfect! That's one way to improve a rainy day. :)

  8. the 14 F***s post - my gosh that is just too amazing. I'm still laughing! Thank you for bringing that into my life :)

  9. Oh, some really interesting links. Thanks and good luck with the shopping ban!


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