Moving Onwards & Upwards

Pretty Confused Moving House
I've been having such difficulty keeping this under my hat for the last few weeks but now the paperwork is signed, all my dresses are in boxes and I'm so excited to tell you that LF and I have got ourselves a wee one bedroom flat! We're actually moving tomorrow, so we've had the craziest week trying to pack, find someone to move into our room and get the new place ready. It's all gone incredibly fast and, honestly, I could not be happier. We've been thinking about getting somewhere just for the two of us but didn't think it would happen until our current lease ran out. About 2 weeks ago we found the perfect place though and we just had to go for it. I'm not sure when we will have our internet set up but hopefully by the end of the week we'll be all moved in and I'll be able to share some snapshots of our new place. I can't wait!
Pretty Confused Moving House

My Life In Profile Pictures

On Monday I shared a post from Miss Budget Beauty that chronicled her various Facebook profile photos over the years. I loved it so much that I spent some time today looking through all the old photos I have stored there. I originally started my account way back when I was just beginning University and it was incredibly nostalgic looking back over all the things that have happened in my life since then. It's also quite fun to look back and see how my style has evolved over time. Apparently I've always had a penchant for hats and, despite the fact I have had too many hair colours to count over the time it shows here, I only have photos of three. 

I spend a lot of time looking back at my blog to help bring back memories but I have so many (and some far more personal ones) hidden away on my Facebook. Isn't it wonderful how the internet can help us keep things that we had nearly forgotten about? 

Monday Link List: 062

This painting by Vera Spencer 'View Through A Window' is absolutely gorgeous and makes the idea of post Christmas snow kind of appealing
I've been crazy for tights and shorts lately and I love the way Rachel-Marie has styled them with this pussy-bow blouse and wide brimmed hat.
Yep, you are. Isn't this illustration from Flora Waycott Design absolutely adorable?
These rain cloud biscuits from Yui__ are amazing, in fact all of the food photos on this account are amazing
If you haven't got a calender for this year yet there are so many amazing free ones available, including this one from MiniReyve
This Bell Jar painting by Becca Stadtlander is beautiful
This message from Two Add Two should be up near our kitchen table, I haven't been out a lot in the last few weeks but I have had lots of people over for cups of tea and long chats.  
I've never seen any paper sculptures as beautiful as this before, the detail and colours are just beautiful, from DeeDeeJacq
My hair is very nearly long enough to put in a top knot again and I'm quite excited about trying it out in new ways like this (no source)
I've been really drawn towards rich, warm colours recently and this outfit from The Dainty Squid combines so many of my current favourites

5 Things - Feeling Happy In January The Januaries is definitely something I am prone to suffer from (and I know I am not the only one) Kate has some great tips for combating that down in the dumps, post holiday, feeling.

Edith The story of Edith really touched me, it's truly amazing what can happen in a single lifetime. If you only read one link on this list I recommend this one (via Smidge)

14 F**** I Refuse To Give In 2014 I'm terrible for getting myself really stressed out over completely unnecessary things, this post is not only really funny but a great reminder that some things aren't worth caring about. 

Why Use A Tripod Buying a tripod was one of the first things I bought as a blogger, before I even had my own camera, and I find it kind of sad that it doesn't get a lot of use. This post makes me want to take it out with me more often - if only it wasn't so heavy. 

The Start (100 Day Shopping Ban) Rachel and a couple of other people are all taking part in a 100 day shopping ban and I think it is so amazing! I'm really looking forward to following along and seeing how they manage, maybe it will even inspire me to try it myself in the future. 

Staying Creative - Where I Find My Inspiration/How Do I Log It? Ella posted about how and where she finds her inspiration and how she captures it. 

My Life In Profile Pictures I really love this idea for a post, I've had my Facebook for years and although I don't use it much now I must have a treasure trove of photos showing my changing looks in my profile photo folder. 

A Century Of Style Need some outfit inspiration for the day? This is the video for you. Each time I watch it I notice a new clothing item or detail that makes me want to try out a new style. 

Planning Outfits For A WWII Re-Enactment Lucille is attending a WWII re-enactment and getting a look into how she puts together her outfits is fascinating. 

29 Ways To Actually Enjoy Winter I'm really excited about reading this e-book from Sarah and Yes & Yes, another way of combating the Januaries. 

Living Simply - Tales Of A Collector I've got lots of things, an almost ridiculous amount of things, that I have collected over the years. Many of them have sentimental value, or evoke particular feelings for me, but I imagine there are just as many now that I don't love the same way. Sophie's post really made me think about how much I enjoy my habit and also how much I need to cut down. 

My Week In Photos

Pretty Confused Sick Week Pretty Confused Sick Week
So as it turns out I don't really have much for you on week two of my photo posts because this has been a sick week for me. I came down with what I can only guess is the norovirus so the majority of my week was spent in bed or in the bathroom. It was, let's be honest, an absolutely horrible week. I even had to send LF and the dogs away to stay with my parents because I couldn't risk infecting him while I was ill and trying to walk the dogs was too difficult. I finally stopped vomiting on Friday and spent the weekend curled up underneath a blanket watching Stargate and testing out solid food. Thankfully I'm now feeling considerably better and am looking forward to getting back in gear this week. There has been lots of exciting stuff happening round here and I'm looking forward to it all coming together and finally being able to share some new with all of you. 
Pretty Confused Sick Week Pretty Confused Sick Week Pretty Confused Sick Week Pretty Confused Sick Week

My Week In Photos

Pretty Confused Week In Photos
In the second half of 2013 I didn't feel like I spent a lot of time using my camera, this year I am determined to make more use of it. I did think about trying to do a 365 project but if I'm honest my life at the moment is quite boring and routine, I don't really feel like there is enough going on each day to share. It's also nice to have a day off from everything once in a while, not worry about photos or social media or anything really.

There are so many little moments of life I do want to remember though, so I've decided to challenge myself to doing 52 weeks of 'my week in photos' for 2014. It takes away the pressure to find something to capture each day, but encourages me to take as many photos as possible when I have the time and something nice to photograph. The last week or so has mainly been relaxing and trying to get back to some sort of work schedule so these aren't the most exciting photos, but they are an accurate representation of my life this week. Lots of tea, candles and cuddles with the dogs. 
Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos Pretty Confused Week In Photos

What I Wore: Cats & A Hat

Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats
Well work is back in full swing and I have spent the last 2 days spring-cleaning the flat. It's remarkable how the start of the year can push you to get stuff done, be more productive or go back to something you love. It has literally been months since I last posted any outfit photos here, the last was way way back in August (!) and I am determined that this year I try to get back to it. I originally started Pretty Confused to showcase my personal style, and while I am so glad that I expanded beyond my narrow beginnings, I definitely feel like I want to get back to my roots too. Plus it might encourage me to dress up a bit on my days off work, which I've noticed myself doing lately. 
Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats
I managed to convince LF to take these photos for me on Sunday while we were having a walk with the dogs. It was so nice to have a couple of days together after he spent the whole of my Christmas break working, in his usual selfless way he offered to cover for co-workers with family over the break. We took lots of long walks with the dogs and curled up on the sofa together just relaxing and enjoying each others company. We've got a deal that we will do our own Christmas celebration at the end of the month with a couple of date nights and maybe even a night away just the two of us. I can't wait. 
Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats Pretty Confused What I Wore - Cats and Hats
Outfit Details:
Coat: Zara (second hand) // Cardigan: Primark (Charity Shop) 
Cat Top: Marks & Spencer (Charity Shop) // High Waisted Skinny Jeans: Primark 
Brogues: Primark

Monday Link List: 061

How about that? It is already the first Monday of the new year! I definitely feel like I'm starting this year as I mean to go on. I've got a couple of resolutions that I have, so far, managed to stick to. I'll share them with you later this week. Right now it is time for the first Monday Link List of 2014!
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I really need a big shopping bag and I love this handmade one from Always Rooney, you could fit pretty much everything you could possibly need in there.
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I've been wearing a lot of black lately and I really want to try and inject a little bit more colour into my wardrobe, without feeling like I am too bright. I really want to try to recreate this outfit worn by Christen, it looks amazing.
 Pretty Confused Monday Link List
This card from Amy Rubin Flett kind of sums up my resolutions for new year quite nicely.
 Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I love everything about this outfit from Rosie, the elbow patches, the bow and the tartan skirt are all just perfect.
Pretty Confused Monday Link List

This painting by Becca Stadtlander is absolutely stunning - doesn't it make you want to go live in Sweden or in the Alps?
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
Tartan, a sathel and a whole lot of burgandy/oxblood, I'm sure you can guess why I am crazy about this Scottish inspired look from Mode and The City.
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
Maissa Toulet makes the most amazing family trees using photos and scrapbooking equipment. Such a sweet and fun way of showing off your family history.
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
This print, If On A Winter's Night, is absolutely stunning, it reminds me of walking through the forest in Sweden a couple of years ago and the way your feet sink deep into the snow.
 Pretty Confused Monday Link List
I just cannot take with my how cute this puppy is! I definitely think more animals should wear dapper scarves (in case you are wondering, this wee guy is a burmese mountain dog and damn do they get massive)
Pretty Confused Monday Link List
This print and CS Lewis quote are absolutely gorgeous, another one that is perfect for the new year. 

Youth, Folly & Wrinkles: I noticed my first wrinkles relatively recently, a crease under my eyes from when I smile and, honestly, I did freak out for a moment. It was really interesting to read Sally's post about her feelings of invisibility and how she felt noticing the fact she is starting to age. 

My Year In 366 Seconds: You guys have to watch this video, it is possibly one of the coolest 365 projects I have ever seen. What an amazing way to share little moments of your year.

Why Don't We Believe That Women Are Happy Being Single? As one of those happily coupled people maybe I shouldn't be weighing in on this, but all my closest female friends are currently single and this is my promise to them that I respect their happiness.

Tips For Going Cruelty Free In 2014: If one of your resolutions this year is to think more about where products come from I definitely recommend this post about cruelty free products from Mo. It's a small but significant way of making a difference.

Bloggers Giving Back: Melyssa's new project encouraging bloggers to get together and take part in charitable projects is such a great idea. Anyone in Scotland interested in joining me?

Blog Crush - October Rebel:I share October's outfits all the time in my Monday Link Lists so I just had the include this interview with the lovely lady herself on Garden Variety.

I'm A Fashion Blogger But My Readers Hate My Style: It's funny how blogging, whether you showcase your personal style or not, forces you into the public. I can't even imagine how difficult blogging here would be if you guys were negative about my personal style. Such an interesting post. 

Super Quick Light Box For Better Photos: We don't get the best light in our flat, especially at this time of year, I love how easy Allison makes creating your own light box for photography look and the final result is absolutely fantastic. 

Year In Review: 2013 (January to June)

Happy New Year everyone! I took a little bit of a break over the Christmas holidays but I went back to work on Friday so that must mean real life is starting again. I'm joining the blogger bandwagon and sharing some little bits about my life and how I felt about the past year. I know there aren't always the most exciting posts to read but they are some of my favourite to read back on. It's so easy to forget all the little moments and how I felt at different times.

At the end of 2012 my life felt completely out of whack, parts of it were absolutely wonderful; my relationship with LF, how perfectly Scallywag fit into our little family and fantastic family and friends. In other parts I felt at a complete loss though, I was still mourning the fact I didn't complete my university degree, I was desperately trying to job hunt and failing miserably, I had no idea what or who I wanted to be. I was at a crossroads and I had no idea where my life was going. 

2013 was filled with lots of highs, more than a couple of lows but nevertheless has been one of the most amazing years of my life. As your probably guessed from my post title I have separated the year in half so January to June are in this post and I will have July to December later in the week.

Pretty Confused 2013
I jumped straight into 2013 with my arms open, it was my most productive month when it came to blogging and I got off to a great start that I, unfortunately, didn't manage to keep up but I am proud of how much I managed to accomplish. I shared one of my most personal posts to date about why I started blogging and my problems with anxiety and depression. On a more sour note the year also started with the loss of our family dog Tups. I still find it strange going home and not hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet on the kitchen floor.

Pretty Confused 2013
After a busy start to the year February turned out to be pretty relaxed, my strongest memories are of long walks with the dogs - some of them in snow, dates with LF to lots of museums and long baths to combat the bitter cold. I also took the first of what ended up being numerous wee breaks from blogging over the year, giving me time to focus on real life stuff.

Pretty Confused 2013
Another slightly lacklustre month on the blogging front, but I was really focussed on a 4 week internship I was doing to brush up my admin skills. I also had a bunch of interviews for jobs I really wanted in March but didn't end up getting any of them. I was pretty upset at the time but looking back on it I think it was the first step towards getting the job I did. Despite how frustrating those knock backs felt at the time I definitely look on it fondly now. I learnt so much about myself this month; pushing my boundaries, working hard and dealing with the sting of rejection.

Pretty Confused 2013
More job interviews, more knock backs. April felt like a tough month, after being busy and feeling relatively accomplished in March I found it pretty difficult to go back to not having a routine. There were definitely good points as well though, my younger brother's birthday, lots of spare time for reading and baking and taking part in my first blog giveaway with Emma.

Pretty Confused 2013
Spring finally appeared in May so we spent a lot of time outside, walking dogs, taking outfit photos and picnicking. I really threw myself back into job hunting after feeling quite low in April going to as many interviews and recruitment days as I could along with a bunch of classes on interview skills. I also applied for an amazing sounding administrator job with a small local charity but when I didn't hear anything back I though they must not be interested.

Pretty Confused 2013
The month the dark skies lifted, that amazing job I applied for in mid-May called me in for an interview and 2 hours after it ended they called me to offer me the job. I cannot even describe what a relief it was to know I had stable employment. In the run up to starting I spent as much with my friends and family as I could, spoiled the dogs with lots of walks and after months of thinking about it I finally cut my hair. The weight was literally lifted from my shoulders.