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Monday, December 16, 2013

Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
I've seen so many cute tea light holders lately, this one of the Stockholm skyline is absolutely beautiful and is available on EtsyPretty Confused Monday Link List 60
These biscuit decorations from Nigella look gorgeous, I might try and make some this weekend to add to our tree
Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
I love this photo from the I K N O W A/W Collection
 Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
Everyday Sexism reached 50,000 stories today so I thought it was pretty appropriate to share this t-shirt deign available on Red BubblePretty Confused Monday Link List 60
Another gorgeous photo, this time from TheHouseOfHandmade. for this gorgeous faux fur stole
Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
You can get a print out and instructions on how to make this lovely 2014 calender on Always RooneyPretty Confused Monday Link List 60
How ridiculously cute is this melted snowman cake from Handmade Charlotte?Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
This shade of orange may be more typical for Autumn but I think it would be perfect for Winter too, so bright and cheerful, from Maddinka
Pretty Confused Monday Link List 60
Alli from Our Misfit Isle shared the most beautiful snowy photos as part of her Northern Living seriesPretty Confused Monday Link List 60
I think this outfit is the perfect level of Christmassy for me, whenever I wear red and green I just look like a Christmas tree but somehow Lauren has managed to pull it off perfectlyPretty Confused Monday Link List 60
I'm not a big fan of Christmas Puddings so I love the idea of recreating the look with cupcakes instead!

How To Make A Kawaii Fox Pouch From Felt Tutorial: This fox pouch would make the most adorable cover for my phone, and maybe protect it a little when I inevitably drop it again. I think I would make it out of dark orange rather than brown though. 

I've Been Thinking About This: Sydney posted about the reality of blogging and what a slim bit of our lives it is. I try and blog as honestly as I can, I enjoy sharing little bits of my life with you guys but it is still only a tiny sliver of what makes up me. I think we can sometimes forget that, especially because now we can be so connected to the bloggers we follow through social media. It's easy to forget it is still only a glimpse.  

Operation Living Christmas Tree: We've got a fake Christmas tree this year but in the future I love the idea of buying a living tree so we can plant it after Christmas. Bekuh did it this year and the tree they chose looks so fluffy and healthy. I'm so happy to know it'll have a long life into next year too. 

Seven Reasons I Am Not A Cool Girl Friend: Caitlin's post about not being a good girl friend kind of resonated with me, I love some girly things (I'm an awesome person to have on a charity shop spree) but other stuff I just don't get at all.  

What Does It Even Mean To Be A "Needy" Girl? The idea of the needy girl comes in lots of guises, I think every woman I know has been told some variation of it by their partners. It goes hand in hand with the idea of women being 'crazy'. It's funny that the older the less being told things like this upsets me, and the more I feel pride at knowing what I need. Although it does kind of sting when someone you care about says it off-hand. 

Why Do I Blog? I love hearing about how and why people got into blogging, I've been doing it for a few years now and I still sometimes wonder what exactly drew me to it in the first place. Hearing about why Kayte started and the connections she has made is a lovely post. 

My Editing Process - How To Edit Photos In Photoshop: I'm pretty lazy with my editing process, I've got a couple of free actions that I've picked up over the years and other than that I tend not to do too much. It was really fascinating to get a look at Jess' slightly more in depth process. 

How To Be A Woman In 2014: I love how Melyssa takes those posts that kind of annoy me most of the time and turns them on their heads. This one about how to be a woman is no exception. I love number 2 'there is only you on your own road'. 

Favourite Holiday Tradition: I've absolutely loved following this series of posts about favourite traditions. I love the variety of things that people treasure most about this time of year, although personally I can never really choose just one thing. 

A Happy List: Such a sweet list from Some Girl and so many happy things that I can relate to at the moment. 

Sparkly Liner Tutorial For The Holidays: Savannah shared the most beautiful party make up tutorial on her blog, I love the end result, with just a little bit of sparkle above the eye liner, for a not too over the top, but still fun, party look. 

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  1. oh my god, i'm so in love with that light holder. so cute. and pretty.

  2. That tea light holder is BEAUTIFUL!

    Maria xxx

  3. You always link to great stuff that I wouldn't have found otherwise, there are some really interesting articles I'm off to read now

    Thank you

  4. ...That tea light holder... oh my gosh.


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