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Monday, December 02, 2013

ninjandninj on etsy
I love this print from Ninj & Ninj on Etsy, it would be perfect for the front of my diary!
Amanda at Little Lady Little City shared the most adorable illustrated Thanksgiving message her husband Will made. Isn't it amazing?
Katie from Happy, Honey + Lark shared the most fantastic outfit, I love the colours. Is anyone else not ready to put away their Autumn coloured clothes quite yet?
Cookies Cream Frozen Hot Chocolate from A Beautiful Mess. I've got to admit the name kind of put me off, mainly because I am not a fan of hot chocolate. Once I worked out it was cold though I was all for them, they look delicious. 
I love this cosy looking outfit from Katie at Skunkboy Creatures, the thick knit cardigan and knee high socks looks like an amazing cosy combination. 
Bonnie from Flashes of Style was up in the Yukon recently and gave a sneak preview of some of her photos - doesn't it look just incredible?
I used to collect snow globes when I was little so I love this mason jay DIY from Deer Circus
This photo really makes me want to buy a RV and just drive away for a couple of months, it's fantastic. 
This list of plants bees are attracted by could serve as either a lesson or a warning, depending on your feelings towards bees, but either way it is beautiful
free iphone background from The Caroline Johnson
As soon as it turned into Advent I started hunting out a new lock screen for my phone, eventually I decided on this one from Caroline Johansson. It makes me smile every time I look at my phone. 

Sunday Morning: I loved Sarah's post about blogging breaks, blogger guilt and why that's ok. I'm definitely sorry Sarah isn't posting as often any more, but if there was ever a reason to stop her's is a fantastic one.

Step Back: Elizabeth also posted about stepping back from blogging recently but in a different way. I think we have all felt a bit sucked up into the vastness of the internet and I love how she plans to combat her feelings of isolation but cultivating her real world community.

Clothes I Am Thankful Are No Longer In My Closet: We've been inundated with thankful posts lately, but Hannah's was definitely one of the most amusing. I think I might have owned that wind breaker on the left.

34 Free Christmas Printables: For those of us planning a cheap Christmas Mrs Thrifty has a bunch of free downloads of everything from present tags to Christmas cards to decorations. I think the Fox card would be perfect for some of the younger people I know.

Experimenting With Tea Blends:Courtney's post about making her own tea blends got me really excited about expanding my loose leaf tea collection. I'm a big fan of tea bags for convenience sake but I do worry about the them bleaching the bags and what else they stick in there. I love the idea of trying to recreate my favourite pre-made blends with loose leaf and making it just to my taste.

Welcoming Winter: Tieka's post looking back at Winter's past got me so excited for the month ahead. Look at that snow and all those cosy outfits!

Tiny Lists: Is it weird that one of my favourite things about working in an office is all the sticky notes? They are just so incredibly helpful, I swear I use them for everything. I'm glad I am not the only one who is crazy about them, Bianca's lists seem to be much more fun than mine unfortunately.

The Merry Scent Of Christmas: Sophie posted about how smell invokes certain memories and why plastic pine trees will always make her think of Christmas, such a sweet post. 

Gift Of Thrift: Lisa posted about how she is thrifting her way through Christmas and has a great list of present possibilities if you want to do the same thing. 

Dear 16 Year Old Rachele: I don't know why but I have never got round to writing to my older or younger selves, I love reading what other people would say though. It's such a cool insight into someone else's mind and history. 

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