Month In Review: November

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pretty Confused Month In Review November 2013

I've missed my monthly reviews quite a lot lately, one of those times when life moves a bit too fast to accurately capture it all. I figured I have to start again some time though.

  • Holiday Time: I had a week off work at the start of the month and although I didn't manage to fit in as much as I had hoped I still had a lovely time relaxing, staying up late watching scary films and catching up with friends. 
  • Actually Having Time For A Social Life: Right at the start of Autumn I became an absolute hermit, I just didn't have the drive or the energy to organise doing stuff around work. I'm glad I've made an effort the last week or so to see more people. Hopefully I can build up to, you know, actually going on a night out sometime.
  • Learning: I've been doing a bunch of training courses for work recently and I feel like I have learnt so much recently. It's made me really excited about expanding my career options and working out what my next step is. Working within the third sector is the best and I never want to do anything else again. 
  • Cuddling Up In The Evening: Cold nights mean curling up on the sofa, drinking tea, playing board games and having people over for dinner or movie nights. 
  • Taking Some Time For Myself Before The Holiday Season: I've been trying to relax and pamper myself a little lately because I just know that next month is going to be busy. I've been having lots of bath, dyed my hair and I'm going to try and give myself a manicure and other stuff before the madness actually starts. 
Long Baths. Seeing the sunrise. Dogs in bed. Watching American Horror Story and Criminal Minds. Making my own soup and bread. Lots of pots of tea. Candles everywhere. Trying to get back into reading, I finally getting round to reading The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and am trying to make time to read more often. A new coffee machine. Being busy. Sleeping in at the weekend. Slowly but surely trying to lighten my hair (it's a slow process when you don't want to just bleach it). Trying out new make-up colours and techniques. Finally turning the heating on. My first bad cold of the season.

Looking Forward To
Going up to Crieff with my family. Lots of parties. Picking out Christmas presents for the people I love. Planning for next year. The possibility of snow. More time with friends. Turkey. Watching Christmas movies. Decorating. Basically absolutely everything to do with Christmas, I've got my advent candle and first seasonal movie of the year ready to go at midnight. 

I can't believe it is nearly the last month of the year already, time flies, eh? Here's to a wonderful last month of the year! 

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