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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Well, I'm back, and with a new blog design to boot. I loved my last one to pieces, but it felt a little bit distracting. Plus, you guys know how much I love switching stuff around over here. I'm planning on updating my About Me pages and other bits of pieces over the next few weeks as well, I feel ready for a bit of a fresh start around here. My camera is still being a fussy little bugger so I might be a bit slow on posts, but I can't leave my Monday Link List any longer (it's already the biggest one I have done yet). 

I've got to admit, I have kind of enjoyed the extra time not blogging has given me, but man have I missed posting far more. No matter how many times I take breaks I can't ever imagine not coming back. It's just such a huge part of my life now. I love the community blogging brings. 

Thanks for hanging around during my break all of you, words can't express how excited I am to be back!

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  1. Lovely new design! It's so "you"!!! Welcome back, sweet friend. <3

  2. Hi! I'm coming from the blog hop :). What a cool blog you have!

    The same things happens to me, too. I sometimes feel the urge to take a little break from blogging, but I can't imagine not coming back :).

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  3. Loving the need design.......change can be so good xxx

  4. Welcome back lady! The layout is gorgeous. I'm so happy to see you around again

  5. Welcome back! Blogging breaks are always a nice little reminder of how much we love blogging. :)

  6. Welcome back! Love the new look xx


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