Blogging Break

Hey guys! As you can see everything has gone a bit pear shaped round here in the last few days, Photobucket is blocking my photos because I'm using too much bandwidth and I managed to forget the password to my primary email address so I can't access my PayPal to fix it. On top of that my camera is doing some nasty error message each time I try and take a photo, Canon Error 30 is the worst, and will apparently mean I need a new shutter. Sigh. With all this going on, and being super busy at work, I've decided to give myself a bit of a blogging break for a few weeks. Don't worry, I won't be away long - my current plan is to return on the 30th of September with a long Monday Link List for you all and then it'll be back to regular posting. In the meantime I am going to spend some time working on a new blog design and generally try and brainstorm some new ideas for posts. 

I'd love to be able to keep in touch with you guys while I am on my break, so leave me your blog addresses in the comments so I can add you to my Bloglovin', if I haven't already. See you in 2 weeks!

Monday Link List: 054

This berry cake loaf with icing looks absolutely delicious, I can't wait to try out making it myself

I've got a load of lovely outfit photos to share with you guys this week, starting with one from Calivintage. The print, the collar and the ribbon in Erin's hair combines to make an adorable outfit

And another one, this time from Flashes of Style, that embroidery is gorgeous and I definitely need to start incorporating more hats into my outfits. I also love the light in this photo, the editing makes it look so dreamy!

The combination of scenery and beautiful outfit from The Headless Mannequin is breath-taking, and I'm reassured to see I'm not the only one back in tights already

Not that I'm not still thinking about Summer, this outfit from Emily that she shared on Beverly's blog, I love the red and turquoise accessories.

Gemma Corell's 'My Artistic Process' is kind of how my thoughts go every day, only the end result is less productive

How cute is this productivity infographic from Yumi Sakugawa? I've been thinking a lot about productivity lately, I definitely need this in the front of my (new) diary.

How cute is this print from LizzyPinckney? via Amanda
This illustration, Wiccans, from Laura Callaghan is beautiful via Julie
I love all the colours in this kitchen, such a great way of showing off your personality

Some very pretty advice from the Alt Summit

Tips To Successful Crafting I'm terrible for getting far too excited about trying out DIYs and rushing into them, I'm pretty sure I would be significantly more successful if I took my time and followed these tips. 

Sewing For Your Style Tilly talks about choosing sewing projects that you will want to wear every single day, although her advice is also useful for building up your wardrobe in general.

My Graphic Design Journey Melanie talks about how she became a graphic designer, I love getting a peek into people's backgrounds and how they ended up in jobs that they truly enjoy.

13 Tips For Blackberry Picking Blackberries have been all over my Instagram this week, everyone seems to have been out picking them. If you're planning on joining in these are some great tips on picking and freezing them

On Being Married To Your Business Partner Kaelah talks about what it is like to work full time with your significant other, such an adorable post and another chance to get a peek into how an awesome self employed woman found her calling

Clearing Out Challenge Courtney has challenged herself to give away stuff she doesn't need at the end of each month, I could definitely do with going through my books and getting rid of the ones I won't read again, along with a bunch of clothes that don't even fit anymore.

Celebrate National Sewing Month September is National Sewing Month! Check out this infographic for some sewing related facts.

Why I Stopped Engaging With Plus Size Media I always love Ragini's posts, and this one on the failings of plus size media is perfect.

Grammar For Bloggers Becky made a super simple guide to grammar for bloggers, I already know all of these but it is amazing how I will mess things up when I am stressed or tired and it gets me so annoyed at myself. 

Learning To Let Go Mandi's post about choosing what you put your energy in and taking care of yourself is a great reminder that being busy is only a good thing when it is what you enjoy and you are taking care of yourself

Ethical Fashion - What, Why, How? I had a brush with ethical fashion in force last week when I went purse shopping, and am planning my own post of my failure to live up to my lofty new years resolutions relating to it. Bivi's post is a great introduction if you want to become a more ethical consumer

Quiet I'm not sure I like categorising people as introverts versus extroverts, we all have a little of both in us, but I did love Jenny's post about appreciating the quiet. 

Four Year Blogiversary: Tieka shared a collection of her favourite outfits over her four years of blogging and there are so many amazing ones in there! So much outfit inspiration. 

And finally, I read this adorable story today in the local newspaper about a woman who adopted a dog and how it helped her live with her depression, plus isn't Kia the most beautiful husky ever?