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Monday, August 12, 2013

This purse is absolutely beautiful, and you can make it yourself. I think I would keep this same colour scheme too.

I love this photo and the dress. This is how I always wish I looked in windy outfit photos, instead of hair all over the place.

This photo is absolutely stunning, I had it as my laptop background years ago and just spotted it on Pinterest again recently. It's inspiring me to get the dogs out for some photo shoots.

I have been going mad buying Co-op vegetable crisps lately, and the beet ones are definitely the best. I can't wait to try out making my own.

I love this whole idea, look at those adorable little underground houses, from Oliver Jeffries The Great Paper Caper

Look at this tiny and adorable DIY felt cat brooch from Vivid Please.

Elly Mackay's illustrations are beautiful and playful. They remind me of childhood.

I love this image from Anna Grape, plus I kind of want that red cape

Why is this something that so many people just don't get?

The Amazing Thing That Happened When I Decided To Be Nice: I always try to be 'nice' (within reason) but it was interesting to read how Meredith's life changed when she made the effort to chat to people.

Five Ways To Stay Positive: Ella shares some tips for keeping positive even when life is kicking your ass.

Finding Photo Locations: I'm always on the look out for pretty spots around town for outfit photos, but if you are trying them for the first time (or just want to find somewhere new) Katherine's tips are great for finding somewhere quiet and interesting

This Is Me: Smidge talks about growing up and being who you are, and not stressing about all those milestones you should have hit already.

5 Ways To Beat Blogger Envy: Becky talks about that niggling jealousy all of us get with another blogger and how to deal with it in a helpful way.

Can We Stop With The Skinny Shaming Already? Yes, let's just get rid of the body shaming all together, ok?

I Am Enough: We all spend so much time telling each other and ourselves that we aren't smart enough, skinny enough, sociable enough. Laura's new daily affirmation of a great way of combating these feelings. Angie wrote a post in response to Laura's post and it is amazing too, you can see it here

10 Tips For Photographing Buildings: There is tons of advice for bloggers on taking portraits, but it's good to remember to focus on some other types of photography every so often. There is some great advice in this post if you have difficulty photographing buildings. 

Blog Ad Rotator With HTML & Javascript: I'm sure you have all heard that Passionfruit is changing to a paid service, the new features look amazing, but seeing as I only do swaps it just isn't worth the $9 a month. The one thing I was going to really miss about the service was the ad rotator, and now you can do it yourself. I'm putting aside some time to sort out my own ads later this week. .

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  1. thank you for sharing, you always find the best things! i love the underground houses print :)

  2. Eeek this is such a wonderful roundup post - well done! <3

  3. Thanks for sharing! :D I have so many tabs open now haha. I've been wondering how to do that blog ad rotation..

  4. Beautiful photos.


  5. That purse looks SO sweet, but being the absolute clums that I am, I could never get it to look so perfect :) I also have been doubting an ad rotator, but I too didn't want to go with the $9. Okay, it's not much, but like you I mainly do swaps with Bloggers that we set up over email :) xo

  6. Love the print. <3 Love the stop skinny shaming, and body shaming all around, post. Love that precious wolf/dog picture. Love all of this!


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