Monday Link List: 051

Monday, August 05, 2013

These ice cream recipes sound absolutely delicious, I just need to make some room in my freezer first!

Another sweet treat, aren't these the most adorable biscuits ever?

I love sneak peeks into artists' journals, aren't these just beautiful? By Oana Befort

This typography from Steph Says Hello is absolutely beautiful

This outfit from Strawberry Freckleface is making me want to pull out my shorts.
This body measurement guide from Oh So Fashion is so useful!

My heart does a little bounce every time I see this painting from Water In My Paint, it is just so adorable.

This photo of model Jessica Patterson is so beautiful and dreamy, I just wish I knew who took the photo!

This biscuit tin lamp would be perfect for my bedside table, I sometimes stay up late reading when LF goes to sleep, having a light that only goes down would mean I could stay up all night and it wouldn't annoy him.

This cat illustration from The Floral Prince is so cool!

Big and small ways to step back and take a break I would love to buy the print so I could tick them all off.

I Did It: Midge finished her 365 Ways Of Feminism Project. I'm in totally awe of people who manage to do something every day for a year, especially seeing as I totally failed at mine, but I really loved this one. You can check out the whole year of them here.

What I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging: Frannie shares some real tips for new bloggers, I'm working really hard on number three at the moment.

Modcloth, Size Inclusive Photo Shoots & Why It Matters: Jes talks about Modcloth's beautiful new photo shoot and why it is so important that they chose not to make the definition between normal and plus sizes.

Mid-Year Resolutions: Kate has decided to re-focus on some of her New Year resolutions, particularly when it comes to email. I really like the idea of taking time to re-look at resolutions mid way through the year. I'm planning a big refocus on them all after my birthday at the end of the month.

DC Comics Superheroines Dressed As Modern Hipsters: I really want to re-create Harley Quinn's outfit!

Skin Cancer On The Rise In Young Women: Another Summer reminder to always wear sunblock, take care of your skin!

Making Friends In Your Twenties For Awkward Girls: I always thought meeting new people was meant to get easier as you got older, but I think I am still as awkward as I was as a teenager, so Caitlin's post felt quite familiar. 

11 Facts Every Edinburgher Knows To Be True: A little bit of knowledge for anyone coming up here over the festival.

This Is Why Your Pictures Suck: Harsh, but true, and has really inspired me to make time for taking photos again, I feel like I haven't learnt nearly as much as I should have since getting my camera.

What The Posters In Your First Apartment Say About You Now: I'm kind of relieved I never got round to buying any of the major posters of my teenage years after reading this, my Peace flag and post-it notes seems suddenly seems a lot cooler. 

World's Oldest Calender Discovered In Scottish Field: Such an amazing find, and so close as well, this may well be one of the first lunar calenders ever created. 

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  1. I've missed your Monday link list, i'm glad its back :) I'm going to try some of the 50 ways to take a break, its funny how you forget to enjoy the little things that can make your day a lot better!


  2. Aw, thanks. I missed doing them! I tried 'watch the clouds' today, I only had a moment but it was nice to just stop for a second xo

  3. I love your link lists!!! Those biscuits look like perfect faerie food, the artist journal is beautiful and I love the cat illustration and take a break one! ALSO, THAT CALENDER! Ahhhh! ♥


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