My Week In Photos: Birthday Edition

pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos
Well, it's official, I'm 26! I've had the most amazing long weekend celebrating with friends and I've been back at work for the last few days now. I've also managed to break 2 laptop chargers since Sunday, which is why I am writing this from my phone and why there was no Monday Link List this week. I'll just have to do a bigger one next week to fit everything in. I'm not going to write much, because it is super difficult with this touch screen. Luckily I had these photos from last week already edited in a draft post. If you want to keep up with me until my charger arrives sometime early next week I'm spending all my blog related time in Twitter instead so come say hi.
pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos pretty confused week in photos

Monday Link List: 053

This print by LifesLittleJems is adorable, there are a couple of people I know this would make a wonderful present for.

Now that I'm working again time seems far more important to me, I want to make sure I take some time most days that focusses on me, from The Nectar Collective.

This blueberry and vanilla bean ice cream from PS Heart looks absolutely delicious.

Another set of beautiful photos (and a gorgeous dress) from Rebecca at The Cinnamon Slipper

Damn right.

Yup, that's me.

I wish I knew where I could get a copy of this print, reverse searching on Google hasn't helped me but I think it would be perfect in the kitchen to show of my sushi love.

I'm really proving how much of a homebody I am in this post, but I couldn't resist this print from FreyaArt
This stripy shoe DIY from Now That's Pretty is the perfect way to spruce a pair of dull, dirty shoes.

I love this work outfit from KiddoTV, white shirts tend to remind me of school and I've avoided them since but I love how grown up and classic Megan looks in these photos.

Five Places To Eat In Edinburgh: LF and I tend not to eat out very often, it's a case of choosing what to spend our money on, but I'm quite tempted to try out one of Lynne's suggestions as a birthday treat.

Let's Get Real About Body Issues: Moorea talks about her own body issues, trying to combat them and taking the time to take care of herself. 

Thoughts On Pigeon-Holing: I grew up with the idea of a 'career' pushed into my brain, but I've always been indecisive about my future. I think that is why I loved Rachel's post about trying to decide on a direction or keeping her options open.

On Going Braless: Jul talks about being comfortable enough to go braless and gives some tips if you want to take the plunge but are a bit nervous.

Sometimes... Self Employment Sucks: I love how honest Ashley is in this post about her difficulties being self employed. I think I have the tendency to see all these successful self employed bloggers who run their own businesses with a lot on envy, it's easy to forget that it can be a lot of hard work.

Hot Tomato: Did you know that there is a Tomato Art Festival each year in East Nashville? How cool is that? You can see some photos and hear a bit more about it on Lauren's blog.

Lessons Learnt - Studying Abroad: Biva's post is full of great advice if you are travelling to study, and applies equally if you are just making a big move. I'm always amazed by people who have the guts to move across the globe and experience new cultures without the safety net of a flight home booked. 

Why We've Learnt To Hate Ourselves: Jes takes a look at the historical movement that has brought us to our current climate of body shaming and self esteem issues.  

Dress Up Game: I love paper dolls when I was little, so of course I have had loads of fun playing this dress up game by Anna Grape. 

My Week In Photos

pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos
It's the end of another week, and I'm officially on five days away from my 26th birthday. I haven't started to freak out yet, but it is definitely coming soon. Everyone keeps asking me what I have planned but honestly I haven't thought of anything yet. All I really want is to have a nice meal with my favourite people and enjoy having a 4 day weekend.

These photos are from throughout the last week, my great plans to have Festival related photos fell through to a combination of unpredictable weather this weekend and me completely forgetting to put my memory card in my camera on Thursday night when I was at the Book Festival. Well done, Alice. Oh well, you'll have to make do with other random bits of my week. Hope you are having a lovely relaxing Sunday!
pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos pretty confused my week in photos

Movies For A Rainy Day

My predictions of the weather have come true and I spent most of my Saturday morning curled up on the couch with LF and the dogs. With the laptop in front of me and I half caught up on my blog reading, spent some time thinking up a new blog design (a birthday present to myself) and half watching films on Netflix. Life is good. In preparation for the next six months of hiding from the weather I thought I might share some of my rainy day movies.
rainy day movies
Mary & Max
The story of an unlikely friendship between penpals. Mary, an 8 year old girl from Australia, with 'eyes the colour of muddy puddles', and Max, a 44 year old, morbidly obese man living in New York whose favourite words include ointment, bumblebee, Vladivostok, banana and testicle. This film is bizarre, poignant, funny and always warms my heart. I recommend it to everyone. 
rainy day movies
The Secret Of Kells
This fictionalized account of the creation of the Book of Kells, an Irish manuscript from the 8th century, is delightful. The story follows Brandon, who lives within the walls Abbey of Kells with his Abbot Uncle as he takes his first steps into the outside world and helps Brother Aiden from Iona finish the book that has been his life's work. This is a beautiful movie with a fantastic tradition soundtrack and charming illustration.
rainy day movies
Fantastic Mr Fox
I grew up on Roald Dahl and I love every adaptation of his work (in fact I watched Matilda earlier this week) but this film always amazes me with it's detail. George Clooney plays the voice of an urban fox who steals food from three wealthy farmers until they decide to take revenge. It's funny, beautifully made and filled with Roald Dahl's trademark whimsy. 
rainy day movies
Even if the first ten minutes do make me cry each and every time Up is still one of my favourite animated movies. The slow building friendship between elderly Carl Fredricksen and Boy Scout Russell warms my heart every time and I am still anxiously awaiting a collar like Dug's for Mania and Scallywag. Colourful, fun and a ton of heart.
rainy day movies
A rag doll with the number 9 on his back wakes up in a post-apocalyptic world where man and machine have nearly destroyed each other. Taken in by others like him, he begins to explore the world around him and eventually learns the reason they were made and how they can save the world. Dark and beautiful this film is disturbing and thought provoking. 
rainy day movies
When Coraline moves into a new house she finds a whole other world through a small door in the wall, but not everything is as it seems. I definitely have a thing about slightly sinister children's films and Neil Gaiman delivers with this beautiful, terrifying story. Coraline's hair always makes me want to dye mine blue again too. 

So what have you guys got planned for your weekend? And of course let me know if you have any movie recommendations for me! 

What I Wore: Impatient Dresser

pretty confused outfit pretty confused outfit pretty confused outfit
Well it may be only mid August but it looks like Autumn is already on its way in Scotland. The leaves have started to turn and I definitely regretted not taking a jacket with me to work this morning. The leaves are already turning, my tea intake has almost tripled just in the last few days and getting up in the morning is getting just the little bit more difficult. It's not all bad, it definitely opens up a lot of my mainly cold weather based wardrobe. I'm looking forward to thick tights, boots and wool. I'm sure I will regret saying this when it snows in September though. 

Luckily it has warmed up a little for our walk with the dogs this afternoon, and the sun even poked its way out for taking some photos. One of the best things about the colder weather is the park being a lot quieter, the dogs are really enjoying getting back to their daily games of fetch. Scallywag goes absolutely crazy as soon as we get there, bouncing around until let her off the lead until she gets to chase her latest tennis ball. 
pretty confused outfit pretty confused outfit
This dress is one of my Autumn favourites, it was a wonderful charity shop find last year and although it has only appeared on here once before it gets regular use most of the year. I love the different take on florals, and the colours are really easy to mix with lots of my wardrobe. I've avoided it the last few months as it isn't cotton so it was nice to pull it out again. I pulled out all the brown bits and bobs in my wardrobe so I would  match the couple of leaves that have fallen, although I'm really hoping they were just blown off by the wind. 

I've got my first festival related event tomorrow and I am really excited. Plus I love any excuse to visit the Book Festival, Charlotte Square is such a lovely location and there is always so much going on. I'm hoping I can take a walk through the city centre on the way there and take a couple of photos. It's my day off, but I have lots of stuff to catch up on at home too. I really hope I can fit it all in. 
pretty confused outfit pretty confused outfit pretty confused outfit
Outfit Details: Dress - Thrifted (Gap), Cardigan - Second Hand (Primark), Shoes - Primark, Bag - Primark

Monday Link List: 052

This purse is absolutely beautiful, and you can make it yourself. I think I would keep this same colour scheme too.

I love this photo and the dress. This is how I always wish I looked in windy outfit photos, instead of hair all over the place.

This photo is absolutely stunning, I had it as my laptop background years ago and just spotted it on Pinterest again recently. It's inspiring me to get the dogs out for some photo shoots.

I have been going mad buying Co-op vegetable crisps lately, and the beet ones are definitely the best. I can't wait to try out making my own.

I love this whole idea, look at those adorable little underground houses, from Oliver Jeffries The Great Paper Caper

Look at this tiny and adorable DIY felt cat brooch from Vivid Please.

Elly Mackay's illustrations are beautiful and playful. They remind me of childhood.

I love this image from Anna Grape, plus I kind of want that red cape

Why is this something that so many people just don't get?

The Amazing Thing That Happened When I Decided To Be Nice: I always try to be 'nice' (within reason) but it was interesting to read how Meredith's life changed when she made the effort to chat to people.

Five Ways To Stay Positive: Ella shares some tips for keeping positive even when life is kicking your ass.

Finding Photo Locations: I'm always on the look out for pretty spots around town for outfit photos, but if you are trying them for the first time (or just want to find somewhere new) Katherine's tips are great for finding somewhere quiet and interesting

This Is Me: Smidge talks about growing up and being who you are, and not stressing about all those milestones you should have hit already.

5 Ways To Beat Blogger Envy: Becky talks about that niggling jealousy all of us get with another blogger and how to deal with it in a helpful way.

Can We Stop With The Skinny Shaming Already? Yes, let's just get rid of the body shaming all together, ok?

I Am Enough: We all spend so much time telling each other and ourselves that we aren't smart enough, skinny enough, sociable enough. Laura's new daily affirmation of a great way of combating these feelings. Angie wrote a post in response to Laura's post and it is amazing too, you can see it here

10 Tips For Photographing Buildings: There is tons of advice for bloggers on taking portraits, but it's good to remember to focus on some other types of photography every so often. There is some great advice in this post if you have difficulty photographing buildings. 

Blog Ad Rotator With HTML & Javascript: I'm sure you have all heard that Passionfruit is changing to a paid service, the new features look amazing, but seeing as I only do swaps it just isn't worth the $9 a month. The one thing I was going to really miss about the service was the ad rotator, and now you can do it yourself. I'm putting aside some time to sort out my own ads later this week. .