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Monday, July 01, 2013

This illustration is beautiful, awesome colours and I love that yellow blush and the detail in the hair.

I love the mixture of colours and textures in this outfit from Laura.
Adorable bird cages and multi-coloured tights drying in the wind, what is not to love about this? From Mirdinara.
I love anything that shows the process to create art, it's just so fascinating seeing how people work, so I loved this tutorial showing the process of turning a sketch into digital art.

These free printables from Oh Happy Day are adorable, perfect for all sorts of Summer crafts.

I'm always a bit scared of paring red and pink together but I love how Steffy mixes them here, plus look at the collar on that blouse!

How adorable is this raccoon? Such a cute print from Terry Runyan

I've shared DIYs on printing on jeans before, but this cat version is really cute.

Emails are the bane on my life, I am terrible at checking/responding with any of my email addresses. I want to get better at firstly checking them, and secondly getting into the habit of having regular email correspondence

Sometimes I manage to get great photos of our dogs, sometimes I fail miserably, and sometimes they are just ridiculous.
This outfit is simple but absolutely lovely, from Mselle

Baby Bunnines; I have a friend who dislikes rabbits and I just do not understand it. How could anyone not love these little guys? Or maybe I am just a sucker for baby animals.

We Are Women, Because We Identify As Women: Angie shares her thoughts on what makes you a woman, I am absolutely in love with this post. 

Candid Throughts On Bloggers' Perfect Lives: When I first got into blogging I was slightly taken in by the girls with pretty dresses, nice cameras, photogenic homes who somehow manage to spend all day on Twitter. I don't feel that way anymore, after all I know exactly how much I share with you! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth's post to any newer bloggers who are feeling a bit overwhelmed though. 

Bye Bye Job, My Neck Is Tattooed: Nicky talks about how people react to her tattoos, and why she they haven't effected her job prospects. 

What I Love About Me: I've been wanting to share a post from Chantilly's series for a while, but they have all just been so good that I could never decide on a single one so instead here is all of them so far.

The Hobbit House: I finally got round to watching The Hobbit recently, seeing as I missed seeing it at the cinema. It was absolutely wonderful and has re-ignited my desire to live in a hobbit house. Plus I love the idea of building something sustainable of my own one day.

Thoughts On Blogging: Katie talks about the stress she feels for her blog and some of the downsides of monetizing your blog. 

Best Of Google Reader: Diana created a Pinterest board to save all of her favourite bookmarks from Google Reader, and there are some wonderful posts in there. I had to stop myself from linking to a whole bunch of them this week.t

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  1. It's also my dream to live in a hobbit hole! What an incredible thing to build your own home, its amazing.


  2. Great list as always, I love all the articles about blogging.


  3. Ahhhh. You find such. fabulous. stuff. I know I say that pretty much every time I read your link lists. ^_^ How do you find such AMAZING illustration and prints?! I love 'em. I also love the kitty denim. ♥.♥ Your puppers are SO CUTE, ahhhh! Thank you so much for sharing my post. I can't tell you how much your support, and everyone's support, has meant to me. I love baby bunnies, and all bunnies and all animals! Jen has a fear of bunnies though, since one almost attacked her when she was little! I definitely want to cure that by us having one. ;)

  4. wow such an amazing round-up! I love Steffy's outfit, that cat diy and the blogger to blogger etiquette! thanks for sharing! :)
    Ester from Drawing Dreaming


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