My Week In Photos

Is it really Sunday afternoon already? I feel like I haven't managed to fit in half my plans for this weekend. It's  been a great week though, and I'm super excited for the new one to start. I've got another busy week coming up, and loads to get excited about through it. Anyway, here's some snaps of every day moments I have taken in the last week or so. 
pretty confused blog my week in photos
Changing routine means coffee has become extra important to me lately. I'm still totally in love with my milk foamer.
pretty confused blog my week in photos pretty confused blog my week in photos
The city is really vibrant at the moment, stuff seems to be growing everywhere! I love the texture of these massive mushrooms and I stop and admire the roses outside our house every single day.
pretty confused blog my week in photos
Speaking of stuff growing, we finally got to use some of the herbs we have been trying to grow and they taste amazing! I'm already checking out other stuff we could grow inside the flat.
pretty confused blog my week in photos
I love the Edinburgh Book Festival, and have so many great memories of seeing amazing authors there over the years. I didn't manage to get tickets to everything I wanted to see this year, but I got enough to keep me happy - bring on August!
pretty confused blog my week in photos
What can I say? Flowers make me happy.
pretty confused blog my week in photos
And so does playing with this lady. Hope you all had a great weekend!

Fun With The Dogs

pretty confused fun with the dogs pretty confused fun with the dogs
Wow, it is amazing how fast the week goes when you are busy, eh? I almost can't believe it is Thursday already. I've had a great week though. Work is fantastic. I was ridiculously nervous when I went in on Monday morning, almost as bad as my first day of high school. I shouldn't have worried though, everyone is really nice and I've been really enjoying getting to grips with everything. It is an amazing feeling to be doing a job that I really enjoy. 

Unfortunately, getting into a new routine means that the dogs have been a little neglected lately, so we took some time to have a proper run and play with them earlier today. We got back not long ago and they are both currently flat out. In fact Mania is sleeping on her back with her legs in the air, so it must have worked. They have definitely been a little bit edgy getting used to spending more time alone again and not getting a long run every afternoon.
pretty confused fun with the dogs pretty confused fun with the dogs
Hopefully we kind of made up for it today, Mania had loads of fun having the recently cut grass thrown in her face and Scally chased then destroyed every stick she could find. I really enjoyed sitting down and playing with them as well, often I feel like walking the two of them is just running after them to clean up their business, trying to stop them interrupting football games and bbqs and yelling at them to come back when they both go tearing off to say hello to another dog. Not exactly relaxing. Other times they are absolutely lovely and I feel like the luckiest dog owner in the world. 

Anyway, I'm off to have a bath and start planning my weekend. It suddenly feels so much more important to fit as much in as possible; drinks in the sun, checking out some charity shops, coffee with friends, blogging, a trip to the cinema, I hope I manage to fit it all in. 
pretty confused fun with the dogs

Monday Link List: 050

This illustration is beautiful, awesome colours and I love that yellow blush and the detail in the hair.

I love the mixture of colours and textures in this outfit from Laura.
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These free printables from Oh Happy Day are adorable, perfect for all sorts of Summer crafts.

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How adorable is this raccoon? Such a cute print from Terry Runyan

I've shared DIYs on printing on jeans before, but this cat version is really cute.

Emails are the bane on my life, I am terrible at checking/responding with any of my email addresses. I want to get better at firstly checking them, and secondly getting into the habit of having regular email correspondence

Sometimes I manage to get great photos of our dogs, sometimes I fail miserably, and sometimes they are just ridiculous.
This outfit is simple but absolutely lovely, from Mselle

Baby Bunnines; I have a friend who dislikes rabbits and I just do not understand it. How could anyone not love these little guys? Or maybe I am just a sucker for baby animals.

We Are Women, Because We Identify As Women: Angie shares her thoughts on what makes you a woman, I am absolutely in love with this post. 

Candid Throughts On Bloggers' Perfect Lives: When I first got into blogging I was slightly taken in by the girls with pretty dresses, nice cameras, photogenic homes who somehow manage to spend all day on Twitter. I don't feel that way anymore, after all I know exactly how much I share with you! I would definitely recommend Elizabeth's post to any newer bloggers who are feeling a bit overwhelmed though. 

Bye Bye Job, My Neck Is Tattooed: Nicky talks about how people react to her tattoos, and why she they haven't effected her job prospects. 

What I Love About Me: I've been wanting to share a post from Chantilly's series for a while, but they have all just been so good that I could never decide on a single one so instead here is all of them so far.

The Hobbit House: I finally got round to watching The Hobbit recently, seeing as I missed seeing it at the cinema. It was absolutely wonderful and has re-ignited my desire to live in a hobbit house. Plus I love the idea of building something sustainable of my own one day.

Thoughts On Blogging: Katie talks about the stress she feels for her blog and some of the downsides of monetizing your blog. 

Best Of Google Reader: Diana created a Pinterest board to save all of her favourite bookmarks from Google Reader, and there are some wonderful posts in there. I had to stop myself from linking to a whole bunch of them this week.t