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Monday, June 17, 2013

This illustration from Carson Ellis' Wildwood Chronicles.
I've been eyeing up this brooch by Kate Rowland for weeks now. So cute.

This collection of wild flowers is not helping my desperate wish to have a backgarden, so pretty!

Turn your doodles into vector art, such a cool way of adding a personal touch to blog posts/design

I don't know why I love this so much, but this wolf is absolutely perfect, and seeing the process to make a piece of art always fascinates me.

Seeing these merit badges makes me miss being a Girl Guide leader, I wonder if I could make my own blogging badge :)

This photo is just perfect, so pretty.

This outfit from Annika is gorgeous - not a colour combination I'm usually drawn to but it looks amazing.

Would it be ridiculous if I dressed up as a cloud for Halloween? I don't think I would like anywhere near this cute though.

I wish I had a steadier hand so I could create lovely type like this, and I love the quote!

A simple but cute shoe makeover from Modern Girl Blitz.

Why Do I Blog?: We've all got our own reasons for getting into this weird blogging world, what are yours?

How To Fix Black Backgrounds In PNGs: This problem was driving me mad about a month ago - I am so glad I know how to fix it now.

What's Next?: It's graduation season (I'm attending my brothers later this week) so I imagine there are a lot of people trying to figure it all out right now - or if you are like me you are trying to figure it out all the time.

What Photographers Would Look Like If Google Glasses Took Over The World: I find people glued to their iPhones strange enough - but can you even imagine if this became the norm? Cool but strange.

What It Feels Like To Sell Your Wedding Dress: Alli talks about saying goodbye to her wedding dress (which was stunning, fyi) and moving on to bigger and better things.

Being Busy: Chantilly talks about being 'busy' and what it means. A great reminder to let stuff go a little bit, especially seeing as I will actually be busier, if not busy, starting in July.

Living Brave Life: Elizabeth shares some of her thoughts while driving , in particular the real differences between people and trying to be happy with what you are, rather than forcing yourself into a different person.

Why You Shouldn't Feel Bad You Can't Have A Dog: All of these are true, but especially the last one :)

Being A Woman In India: Ragini shares her thoughts on moving back to/being a woman in India. It's a fascinating read.

Nothing's Perfect: These posts are everywhere in the blogging world, but I really appreciated reading one from Elsie. I mean, c'mon, her life (& income from blogging) is pretty enviable.

Home Screen Printing: I was talking with a friend about screen printing a couple of weeks ago, so it seemed like fate when I spotted this tutorial. I can't wait to try it out.

A Love Letter To Edinburgh: I know everyone loves the city they call home, but Gillian really hit the nail on the head with this post about Edinburgh.

Seven Ways To Wear A Scarf (In Your Hair): Exactly what it says, I find it really difficult to style scarves, but this has inspired me to try again.

A Handmade Devotion: Bejuh talks about some of her favourite handmade jewelry makers and integrating handmade into your wardrobe.

That Time I Got The Grand Idea To Start Up My Own Business... & Failed: There are a lot of small business success stories among bloggers, so I was really interested

Trans Woman Forced To Leave Home After Being Branded A Witch: It really upsets me that prejudice like this still exists in modern Scotland, especially seeing as the culprits seem to be adults. Absolutely horrible.

And so we end on a slightly more positive note, is anyone else following @FeministTaylorSwift? Taylor Swift is one of my guilt pleasures anyway but I'm loving this play on her lyrics. Makes me smile each time I go on Twitter.

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  1. Carina | littlelemon17 June 2013 at 23:13

    Great post! Loving that Game of Thrones reference ;)

  2. I love that brooch, woohoo Game of Thrones and that Wildwood illustration is awesome. :D I feel so bad for that transgender woman. Jen is transgender, and I'm a Witch, so yeah. I completely understand your upset over such a thing happening!!! Thank you for sharing all of this. Oh and that, why you shouldn't have a dog. So funny, and the ending made me smile because I love all animals. SO CUTE. SO SWEET!!!

  3. Your Monday Link Lists are always such a treat!

    I think being a cloud for Halloween is a GREAT idea. :-)

  4. I think you'd make an awesome cloud!

    The trans article rang bells with me. I used to work in Ann Summers and there was a M-F trans woman who came in a lot; I remember having to ask customers to leave the store because they were so rude to her. One of them refused to take their toddler out of the adults-only section because she would rather have her kid play with sex toys than "see a man in a skirt". Horrible.


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