What I've Done: April 2013

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

  • A day at the beach. Scallywag and I went out to East Lothian and spent an afternoon playing in the sea, running through the forest and I had a good chat with some of my favourite people in the world. 
  • A surprise visit from friends. Two of my university friends came up last weekend and we had a lovely time sitting in the sun and catching up.
  • A friend coming home. Wow, I just realised how many people I don't usually see I've spent time with this month. Another one of my close friends, who I've known since I was 15, moved back to Edinburgh after going being away learning circus skills for 3 months. I'm so excited about getting to spend more time with him again!
  • Teaching Mania to play fetch. I never thought we would manage this, and it made playing with Scally really difficult, but Mania finally seems to understand she is meant to bring balls back. It makes our run in the morning so much more fun.
  • Trying out new blogging subjects. I'm so used to sharing my photos on here and using that to influece what I write. Not being able to get any photos, other than from my iPhone, is definitely pushing me to try writing about different things. It's challenging, but fun. 
  • Evenings round the fire. We're spent a couple of Saturday nights recently drinking beer and sittng round our friends' fire pit, I'm hoping it'll become a regular Summer Saturday night routine. 
  • OhLife! Kaelah mentioned this site in one of her TILT posts recently and I have really enjoyed getting their emails and writing about my day. Admittedly I haven't done it as often as I would like, but usually I just completely forget about personal diaries. Getting my email each evening means that I have that reminder, but don't feel pressured to write if I don't have time. 
Watching Star Trek, yes, it's still going on and all the BBC documentaries we can find. I've tried to spend some time reading this month and managed to finish Dead Pets; Eat Them, Stuff Them, Love Them along with The Road by Cormac McCarthy and A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness. I'm thinking of going back and reading some of my favourite Margaret Atwood books this month, maybe Alias Grace, but I'm pretty undecided. A lot less early mornings - I do love having time to sit in bed and read for half an hour and take the dogs for a proper run in the morning.

New (To Me) Blogs
I am the most indecisive person when it comes to how to format these posts. I really miss telling you guys a little bit about my favourite blogs I discover each month though, . There are quite a few this month, in fact I think I wrote about all the new blogs I found, but I just couldn't not share them all! Let's see how many times I can use the words fantastic, beautiful, amazing and lovely or talk about cute style and photography. I think I might need a thesaurus. 

- We Shall Fly - // Thoughts & inspiration musings from Richelle
A Bevy Of // Funky fashion and feminism all in one awesome blog
Acute Designs // Tasty recipes, lovely lifestyle photos and some beautiful jewellery/hair accessories
After Nine To Five // Small business advice and lifestyle bits and bobs from Ashley.
Alive Always // I'm absolutely crazy about Bivi's adorable style and amazing blog design, adorable!
Always Rooney // Ok, yes, I'm a sucker for a pretty girl with pretty photos & I love Courtney's commitment to handmade items
Alaskan Weredork // Katie's blog makes me want to move out to wild Alaska and frolic in my best dress in the snow
Deer Circus // Cute couple, cute pups and awesome lifestyle photos
Drawing Dreaming // I love Ester's sweet style and vibrant photos
Fjeldborg // Sometimes I see a blog where I wish I could just step into it's world, Fjeldborg is one of those blogs
Holly Dolly // Holly's blog had had me desperately waiting for warm weather, I love her summery style and her hair always looks amazing 
Kittenhood // Sweet style, cats and one cute pixie cut
Lala Faux Bois // I love Lisa's weekly wear's posts, her colourful style is so cheerful and I love the new music she has introduced me to. 
Little Red Bowtalk // I wish I could emulate Marlyn's style, her style is quirky but beautiful and she always looks so well put together! 
Manzanita // Another blog I wish I could just walk in to, her latest DIY is so easy but so adorable - I want to make brush holders for everyone I know. 
Marzipan // I actually found Marzipan through the forum that shall not be named, but I'm totally in love with Preziosa's colour coordinated style and beautiful photos of Italy. 
October Rebel // I've already linked to a DIY on October Rebel this month but I had to share again, I love this woman's style - vintage but never dated. 
Paper Hearts // Leticia understands definitely understands that sometimes all you want is some pretty pictures, and she definitely delivers. 
Pointless Pretty Things // Exactly what it says on the tin, Rachel's blog is just filled to the brim with beautiful art, DIYs and photography
Smile And Wave // I'm totally behind finding this Rachel's blog, but I've loved going through her archives, so inspiring!
Some Girl - A Diary // Beautiful photography and so much inspiring artwork from one of my new button swap buddies. 
Stranger In Sweden // I love Patricia's raw honesty, inspiring outlook on life and hearing about her adventures in Sweden.
Swing The Day Away // Adorable style and amazing photography, I wish my outfit photos looked as beautiful as Sara's. 
The Cinnamon Slipper // I've already raved about Rebecca's sailor inspired outfit, but if you haven't already you should definitely check out her blog. It is absolutely beautiful. 
The Fiercest Lillputian // Another blogger I have already mentioned this week, Emma's style has changed over the last few years but it is still amazing.
The Joyful Fox // I'm running out of words, but I cannot emphasis enough how much I love Laura's style. Another lady who has become a regular person to check out when I'm lacking outfit inspiration. Her outfits are always amazing.

Looking Forward To
Long sunny days. Summer dresses. Sunglasses. Warm evenings. Time with friends. A possible trip up to Dundee. Making plans for the rest of the year. Bare legs. Ice lollies. Working on a more Spring-y blog design.

On a sad and happy note, May 13th marks a year since I said goodbye to my lovely Bertie - I can't believe it has been so long already, probably because I still think of his fluffy little face most days. It also marks a year since I started blogging again, which is a much happier anniversary to celebrate. Is it weird if I bake my blog a cake? 

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  1. Aw gosh! I'm so flattered!!! I'm glad you enjoy my blog. I am loving yours as well. Which Star Trek were you all up into? I'm a TOS girl myself, never seen TNG. The new movie is coming out soon and I am sooooo excited!!!

  2. October Rebel2 May 2013 at 03:49

    Thanks so much for the link and kind write-up. I can't wait to look at these other blogs. <3

  3. October Rebel2 May 2013 at 03:52

    Oh! Forgot to mention I've been watching lots of Star Trek recently too! I'm a big Voyager fan. :-D And happy blogiversary.

  4. Love your tights in that picture! Glad you have taught Mania to play fetch, I imagine it must have been pretty frustrating!

    Maria xxx

  5. Well, you had a full month! Thank you for following! <3

    Lots of love,


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