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Monday, May 27, 2013

I love this portrait of Marie Curie - such an inspirational woman, and a wonderful quote, from The Reconstructionists.

Adorable outfit and a tasty vegan recipe from Hello Mr Rabbit - what more could you want from a post?

This week I've unintentionally ended up reading articles/comments that seem to have forgotten that the body confidence movement isn't about skinny versus plus size, it's about women vs unrealistic standards of beauty, so when I spotted this I just had to share it.

I don't which I love better, the idea of making some invisible ink or just how darn cute it is!

Elizabeth shared the most adorable photos of some corgi puppies on her blog yesterday - so cute!

I've had my dream catcher for years, and you can tell, I love the idea of making another one rather than buying it.

I love this outfit from Miss Pandora, where can I get my own set of knee high red socks?

It finally caught up with me, I knew it would. Last week we started watching (and I immediately then began reading) Game Of Thrones. Where can I get my own direwolf?

Observations About Working From Home: Caitlin talks about the downsides of working from home.

10 Commandments For Women: I'm not usually a big fan of rules or commandments for anyone, but these ones from Mexican lingerie brand Vicky Form are a damn site better than most.

Blogger Interviews - Networking: Megan interviewed a couple of my favourite bloggers to talk to them about their favourite social media sites and getting to know others bloggers through networking.

Breaking The Silence: My mind has been going back to this post all week, Frannie talks candidly about her children and motherhood.

On Choosing Your First Property: Sarah talks about the process of selling her flat and gives some advice to first time buyers.

A Real Festival Style Guide: A refreshingly honest festival style guide from Becky Bedbug. Seriously girls, white dress and sandals, just no.

How I Helped Start The #FBRape Campaign: Laura Bates talks about why she helped start the #FBRape campaign and her work with the Everyday Sexism Project (just a warning, reading some of this made me feel so sick, but it's such an important campaign I had to share it)

When I first became a feminist twenty years ago, I had an old-school feminist (wearing bright pink lipstick, mind you) ask, 'what's a feminist like you doing wearing a miniskirt?' I said to her , 'I got out of the patriarchy because it was telling me what to do. I'll be damned if I let anyone else do it, either.' I told her that automatically rejecting everything that patriarchy demanded was allowing the patriarchy to control you just as much as if you did everything it ordered. As long as you were simply reacting, you were still granting the patriarchy all the power. Part of feminism, to me, was the freedom to choose for myself after carefully thinking out the issue and wasn't going to cede that power to anyone, ever again. Besides, damn it, I had good legs, and I wasn't above showing them off.
I love this quote from Minna Hong.

It's that time again, you can find loads of amazing blogs on Chantilly's Totally Awesome Blog Hop.

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  1. i always love reading your link lists! thanks for sharing all this :)

  2. *FLAIL* I love when you post these!!! That quote is *amazing.* The corgi puppies are adorable. I LOVE the idea of making your own dreamcatcher. Game of Thrones? HECK YES. It's so good. Jen and I started watching hmmm, last year, I believe? Got all caught up and now watching the newest season! She just finished the first book and I'll be reading soon. :D Trust me, the show truly does only get better! Thank you for all you shared! <3

  3. cool and fun post!
    vicky form yay! :)
    thanks for your comment the other day!

  4. I love the Curie quote and Miss Pandora outfit!! :)

  5. CORGI PUPPIES! I had no idea you could make DIY invisible ink - I need to get on that! xo

  6. i love the curie quote so much! and that comic about women supporting each other instead of being turned against one another is really great, too! what an awesome collection!


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