Monday Link List: 046

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

In the house of my dreams it rains happiness in all colours -I love this print by Petit Sweet
I love this simple bag DIY, such a cute way to add some personality to your satchel!

The stages of hair growth, by KinPertinent

These are cute as a button!

I love Jess' letter to Mike Jeffries/Abercrombie & Fitch, and doesn't she look freaking incredible!

Language matters, and good manners cost nothing.

This table cloth DIY is so easy, but has such beautiful results. I keep thinking of other fabrics I could paint.

Speaking of paint, I've always loved Kate's pastel room, I love how much of it comes from a splash of paint and an eye for colour.

An oldie but a goodie, I love this outfit from Elizabeth - those boots are amazing!
Just good things.

Now accept the damn compliment!

Gay Couple Refused Rental Of Flat On Isle Of Man: I cannot believe that in this day and age people can be refused a flat due to their sexuality. Absolutely horrifying and I am so glad that they are changing the law so this cannot happen again.

An Ode To Coffee: For all of us that can't go without their daily fix

I Am More Interesting Than This: Bekuh talks about sharing more of her passions on her blog, something I can relate to. I feel like you guys see such a small part of my beautiful, chaotic life. 

What You Are Seeking Is You: Kyla talks about finding what makes you happy and finding out the little things that make you happy. 

Yarnbombed Church: Franca spotted this amazing yarnbombed church in Edinburgh, I'm definitely going to have to pop along and see if it is still there. 

100 Ways To Repurpose Everything: Amazing round up of ways you can repurpose what you already own, I'm so inspired to get crafting.

Pedal On Parliament: On Sunday cyclists from around Scotland cycled from the Meadows in Edinburgh down to the Scottish Parliament to campaign for more funding towards cycle lanes and slower speed limits. 

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  1. I LOVE THAT DINOSAUR! And of course, the stages of hair growth fascinate me. xx

  2. Another great Monday Link list! Kate is a pastel genius - I love her painted dinosaur. I also think the language matters poster is very poignant.

  3. Love that satchel! Your link list is very cheerful :)

    Toad & Feather

  4. That tablecloth DIY is incredible!

    Maria xxx

  5. i just read that letter by jess— so incredible! i love this list.

  6. YES that Language matters print. Love, love, love. I also adore that Good Things print too. Dreamy. You share such wonderful stuff. :D

  7. Your lists just get better and better every week, thanks for sharing. I love all the floral inspiration here.


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