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Monday, May 13, 2013

I love this debonair fox from Monster Riot - look at that moustache!

I love this reading nook, I wish I was curled up in there writing this post!

I love how simple this outfit is, and the button detail on the back of the dress is just beautiful, from October Rebel

More cute prints! I absolutely love the detail in here, from the lettering to the octopuses (octopi? octopodes?) and the tea and coffee cups.

I love how Kaylah used more Autumn-y colours to put together this Spring outfit, and I love the chevron belt.

I've been getting back into The New Girl again after taking a much needed Zooey Deschanel break over Winter - I'm still kind of crazy about this quote though,.
Midge is rocking her new glasses and I'm kind of crazy about this photo. I think if I tried something like this I would end up with gum all over my face.

How To Illustrate In Ten Steps: I have so much admiration for people who are naturally artistic, probably because I find it so difficult. I could never create something as beautiful as Kelly, but this tutorial certainly makes me want to try! 

Ten Ways To Spread Blog Love: Part of my plan for being a better blogger this year involved trying to comment on every blog I read once a week, and this has failed miserably. I'm going to recommit myself to spreading some of the love I feel from each of you when you comment back over the next few weeks. 

Inspired By - Laura Petrie In Colour: Have you seen this post from Mandi? Even if you don't like Laura Petrie's style the work she put into colouring these outfits is incredible! Or maybe I just like it because it is a grown-up version of colouring books...

Some Thoughts On The Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Franca frequently posts about things that I just don't have the words for and she did it again with this piece. I've been trying to avoid fast fashion this year anyway but the incident in Bangladesh really hit home for me. I walked through Primark a few days ago and just couldn't bring myself to look at anything. The things is, I have bought from Primark/would in the future, but at the moment the thought makes me queasy. Ditto most other high street brands. If even Bonmarche (apparently the most ethical of the high street clothing shops) had workers in that factory I'm kind of at a loss as to where I can feel comfortable shopping. 

Thrifting Top Ten - What To Know: I suppose thrifting is the solution to my quandary above, I think I might annoy some other shoppers pillaging their discard piles outside the fitting room though. 

24 Perfect Tattoos Inspired By Books: I'm absolutely in love with these tattoos, especially the HP ones!

Petition To Stop The Government Reclassifying Crafts As Non-Creative: If you are a UK resident please consider signing this petition. The Government wants to reclassify professional crafters as manufacturers not artists and basically it sucks. Read more here and here

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  1. That illustration post was so inspiring! As a die-hard fan of "real" mediums, it's so wonderful to see someone who works in the tactile, but can also use digital media to spice things up. And it reminds me how badly I need a good quality scanner, so that I can get back into sharing my art. Oh, blast, look how I just talked myself out of buying frivilous things for my birthday and into buying stuff for work. Damn.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing my photo!

    I love Midge's hair and glasses. <3

  3. This... This list is... absolutely... perfect! Oh my. <3 I especially adore that pipe smoking kitty and THAT NOOK!!! Ahhhh. Thank you for sharing these!

  4. oranges_and_apples15 May 2013 at 21:30

    thanks for linking to me. That illustrator link is very interesting but I'll never be able to do anything as cool as that!

  5. chrissy glover16 May 2013 at 03:27

    fantastic compilation! i especially loved heather's thrift tip list.

  6. Really lovely blog, so happy to have found you. :) x

  7. i love this picture roundup!! that nook does look mighty cozy. xx

  8. i just want to relax in that reading nook all day long!


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