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I love this portrait of Marie Curie - such an inspirational woman, and a wonderful quote, from The Reconstructionists.

Adorable outfit and a tasty vegan recipe from Hello Mr Rabbit - what more could you want from a post?

This week I've unintentionally ended up reading articles/comments that seem to have forgotten that the body confidence movement isn't about skinny versus plus size, it's about women vs unrealistic standards of beauty, so when I spotted this I just had to share it.

I don't which I love better, the idea of making some invisible ink or just how darn cute it is!

Elizabeth shared the most adorable photos of some corgi puppies on her blog yesterday - so cute!

I've had my dream catcher for years, and you can tell, I love the idea of making another one rather than buying it.

I love this outfit from Miss Pandora, where can I get my own set of knee high red socks?

It finally caught up with me, I knew it would. Last week we started watching (and I immediately then began reading) Game Of Thrones. Where can I get my own direwolf?

Observations About Working From Home: Caitlin talks about the downsides of working from home.

10 Commandments For Women: I'm not usually a big fan of rules or commandments for anyone, but these ones from Mexican lingerie brand Vicky Form are a damn site better than most.

Blogger Interviews - Networking: Megan interviewed a couple of my favourite bloggers to talk to them about their favourite social media sites and getting to know others bloggers through networking.

Breaking The Silence: My mind has been going back to this post all week, Frannie talks candidly about her children and motherhood.

On Choosing Your First Property: Sarah talks about the process of selling her flat and gives some advice to first time buyers.

A Real Festival Style Guide: A refreshingly honest festival style guide from Becky Bedbug. Seriously girls, white dress and sandals, just no.

How I Helped Start The #FBRape Campaign: Laura Bates talks about why she helped start the #FBRape campaign and her work with the Everyday Sexism Project (just a warning, reading some of this made me feel so sick, but it's such an important campaign I had to share it)

When I first became a feminist twenty years ago, I had an old-school feminist (wearing bright pink lipstick, mind you) ask, 'what's a feminist like you doing wearing a miniskirt?' I said to her , 'I got out of the patriarchy because it was telling me what to do. I'll be damned if I let anyone else do it, either.' I told her that automatically rejecting everything that patriarchy demanded was allowing the patriarchy to control you just as much as if you did everything it ordered. As long as you were simply reacting, you were still granting the patriarchy all the power. Part of feminism, to me, was the freedom to choose for myself after carefully thinking out the issue and wasn't going to cede that power to anyone, ever again. Besides, damn it, I had good legs, and I wasn't above showing them off.
I love this quote from Minna Hong.

It's that time again, you can find loads of amazing blogs on Chantilly's Totally Awesome Blog Hop.

What I Wore: Time To Smell The Flowers

Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers
It can't just be me who enjoys frolicking as soon as the sun comes out, all I want to do is is walk in the sun, play with the dogs and eat ice cream. Unfortunately since taking these I had a slight accident walking and texting and sprained my ankle - no more frolicking for me for at least a week or two. At least I got to take some photos in the sun surrounded by blossoms. I have a massive pile of work to do this weekend too, I'm helping a friend set up a blog for her art which has involved doing some basic blog design for her and taking lots of photos of her art. It's been an interesting experience, I'm so used to portraits and landscapes so I've learnt loads in just a few days. I love it when I can expand my knowledge and help a friend out at the same time. There is still loads left to do though, I'm going to have a busy weekend. 
Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers
On to the outfit. I think I have fallen in love with this dress, in fact I am wearing it again today but this time with some black brogues (and a nice sock round my ankle), a yellow cardigan and a hat I borrowed from the friend I am helping. It is originally from Primark, and I've got to admit I admired it the last time I went in, but I managed to find a second hand one that looked unworn . I suppose that is one of the bonuses of fast fashion - it all turns up in charity shops eventually. It's pretty unusual for me to find something so soon after I have seen it in a shop, but I'm not complaining. I absolutely love the weight of the fabric (it's even lined) and the detail on the back is just adorable. Anyway, I am back to the grind stone - if anyone has any advice on photographing art or art blogs in general I would love to hear it! TGIF everyone. 
Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers Pretty Confused Blog: Time To Smell The Flowers
Outfit Details. Dress - Charity Shop (originally Primark) // Cardigan - Hand Me Down // Shoes - Primark (late last year) // Tights - Marks and Spencer. 

Monday Link List: 046

In the house of my dreams it rains happiness in all colours -I love this print by Petit Sweet
I love this simple bag DIY, such a cute way to add some personality to your satchel!

The stages of hair growth, by KinPertinent

These are cute as a button!

I love Jess' letter to Mike Jeffries/Abercrombie & Fitch, and doesn't she look freaking incredible!

Language matters, and good manners cost nothing.

This table cloth DIY is so easy, but has such beautiful results. I keep thinking of other fabrics I could paint.

Speaking of paint, I've always loved Kate's pastel room, I love how much of it comes from a splash of paint and an eye for colour.

An oldie but a goodie, I love this outfit from Elizabeth - those boots are amazing!
Just good things.

Now accept the damn compliment!

Gay Couple Refused Rental Of Flat On Isle Of Man: I cannot believe that in this day and age people can be refused a flat due to their sexuality. Absolutely horrifying and I am so glad that they are changing the law so this cannot happen again.

An Ode To Coffee: For all of us that can't go without their daily fix

I Am More Interesting Than This: Bekuh talks about sharing more of her passions on her blog, something I can relate to. I feel like you guys see such a small part of my beautiful, chaotic life. 

What You Are Seeking Is You: Kyla talks about finding what makes you happy and finding out the little things that make you happy. 

Yarnbombed Church: Franca spotted this amazing yarnbombed church in Edinburgh, I'm definitely going to have to pop along and see if it is still there. 

100 Ways To Repurpose Everything: Amazing round up of ways you can repurpose what you already own, I'm so inspired to get crafting.

Pedal On Parliament: On Sunday cyclists from around Scotland cycled from the Meadows in Edinburgh down to the Scottish Parliament to campaign for more funding towards cycle lanes and slower speed limits. 

My Week In Photos

pretty confused my week in photos may 2013 pretty confused my week in photos may 2013 pretty confused my week in photos may 2013
It has been another odd and busy week round here, I've definitely noticed my productivity peaks and troughs  depending on how the weather is to. Sunny days have involved lots of walking, visiting friends, taking photos and then coming back home and collapsing on the sofa to read some blog posts and work on my new layout (which I'm really happy with apart from the fact my png header had a black background, which took me days to fix). Rainy days have been the complete opposite. Miserable and quick walks with the dogs first thing at night and then again in the evening, hiding out in the flat torturing my flatmates with episodes of Ally McBeal and a complete lack of inspiration or motivation. 

Luckily there seem to be more a few more good days than bad.. We've upped our walks to about 2 hours a day which is great for the dogs and for us, which is also helping with my mood and I managed a little bit of thrifting last weekend so I'm looking forward to some warm trips out to take outfit photos.

Tonight I'm off to support a friend (and act as unofficial photographer) while she shaves her head to help raise funds for a project in Mongolia. I'm feeling so nervous on her behalf, although I've got to admit I think it is the kind of thing she would do on a whim anyway. Hopefully it'll be a good night though, any excuse to get together and go to the pub!
pretty confused my week in photos may 2013 pretty confused my week in photos may 2013 pretty confused my week in photos may 2013  pretty confused my week in photos may 2013 pretty confused my week in photos may 2013

Monday Link List: 045

I love this debonair fox from Monster Riot - look at that moustache!

I love this reading nook, I wish I was curled up in there writing this post!

I love how simple this outfit is, and the button detail on the back of the dress is just beautiful, from October Rebel

More cute prints! I absolutely love the detail in here, from the lettering to the octopuses (octopi? octopodes?) and the tea and coffee cups.

I love how Kaylah used more Autumn-y colours to put together this Spring outfit, and I love the chevron belt.

I've been getting back into The New Girl again after taking a much needed Zooey Deschanel break over Winter - I'm still kind of crazy about this quote though,.
Midge is rocking her new glasses and I'm kind of crazy about this photo. I think if I tried something like this I would end up with gum all over my face.

How To Illustrate In Ten Steps: I have so much admiration for people who are naturally artistic, probably because I find it so difficult. I could never create something as beautiful as Kelly, but this tutorial certainly makes me want to try! 

Ten Ways To Spread Blog Love: Part of my plan for being a better blogger this year involved trying to comment on every blog I read once a week, and this has failed miserably. I'm going to recommit myself to spreading some of the love I feel from each of you when you comment back over the next few weeks. 

Inspired By - Laura Petrie In Colour: Have you seen this post from Mandi? Even if you don't like Laura Petrie's style the work she put into colouring these outfits is incredible! Or maybe I just like it because it is a grown-up version of colouring books...

Some Thoughts On The Bangladesh Factory Disaster: Franca frequently posts about things that I just don't have the words for and she did it again with this piece. I've been trying to avoid fast fashion this year anyway but the incident in Bangladesh really hit home for me. I walked through Primark a few days ago and just couldn't bring myself to look at anything. The things is, I have bought from Primark/would in the future, but at the moment the thought makes me queasy. Ditto most other high street brands. If even Bonmarche (apparently the most ethical of the high street clothing shops) had workers in that factory I'm kind of at a loss as to where I can feel comfortable shopping. 

Thrifting Top Ten - What To Know: I suppose thrifting is the solution to my quandary above, I think I might annoy some other shoppers pillaging their discard piles outside the fitting room though. 

24 Perfect Tattoos Inspired By Books: I'm absolutely in love with these tattoos, especially the HP ones!

Petition To Stop The Government Reclassifying Crafts As Non-Creative: If you are a UK resident please consider signing this petition. The Government wants to reclassify professional crafters as manufacturers not artists and basically it sucks. Read more here and here

What I Wore: Here Comes The Sun

pretty confused here comes the sun pretty confused here comes the sun
These photos are actually from a couple of weeks ago, back when Spring was just starting. I can't believe the difference a few weeks can make. It's actually quite bizarre, yesterday it was warm enough to walk around without bare arms, but there still aren't leaves on the trees. It makes our walks in the part slightly surreal. I've been really enjoying getting some sun though, you never know, it could rain for the whole of June, July and August. 

We've had a mad but wonderful week with a zombie birthday party over the weekend and one of my favourite kiddos ever up visiting for the week. I'm definitely going to use it as an excuse to act like a kid, maybe try and sneak her away to the zoo and spoil her with toys. I'm a sucker for a cute face. Besides, what could be better than having an excuse to have a water fight in the sun? I'm definitely not ready for my own sprogs yet, but I do enjoy being around them for small amounts of time. 
pretty confused here comes the sun pretty confused here comes the sun
Can you guys see that dog hair on my feet? I know pointing it out probably isn't the best idea but I'm just in absolute shock and how much hair can come off Mania! She got really fluffy a few weeks ago and then suddenly lost it all. She looks about half the size now! I'm not usually bothered by the fact the dogs shed all the time, but it's almost embarrassing to go out. I've tried tape and lint removers but nothing seems to work. Any advice from any fellow pet owners out there? I know it won't last much longer, but man am I getting sick of looking like a crazy hair covered lady. 

One of the big things I am looking forward to with the weather getting better is pulling out some Summer items. Especially some of the stuff I won last year. I got this scarf (that I'm using as a band for my hat) in a competition from the girls at Oh So Lovely, it's from Swan Song Vintage and I absolutely adore the subtle pale green and blue pattern. I've also got a pair of sunglasses from Wilde Asher that I can't wait to wear out, they are from the same competition - back in my brief lucky phase. 

Well this post has been all over the place, well done if you managed to get through it with whiplash. Hope you are all having a great week!
pretty confused here comes the sun pretty confused here comes the sun
Outfit Details Dress: Primark // Cardigan, Shoes, Hat: Second Hand // Vintage Scarf (around hat): Swansong Vintage

Monday Link List: 044

If you haven't seen Mary and Max yet go watch it now, if you have then you'll understand why I just had to share this.

This DIY brush holder is absolutely lovely, perfect for the artistic person if your life. I might make my own set for my make-up brushes.

These paper flowers are absolutely beautiful, and come with a free printable template.

I'm meant to be telling you about Allison's awesome frayed edge quilt tutorial, but I'm totally distracted by how cute her cat is instead, oops.

This sewing tutorial from Alex is so simple but looks amazing! I might have to steal a couple of LF's t-shirts so I can try it out

This fox by Anne Siems is beautiful!

I'm absolutely in love with this illustration by Michelle of Creature Type, what is it about Spring and floral headbands?

Luckily I can try making my own with this tutorial from Ally - isn't it gorgeous?

I know I shouldn't, because it would mean bleach again, but I really want red hair again. This ombre effect is stunning.

I love this photo, taken in Portugal. We're planning a trip for later this year and I cannot wait!

Grow up with a kids' heart!

Owning a Puppy on a Budget: Dogs are expensive, hairy and slobbery, but they are also amazing. I love Mrs Thrifty's advice on having a puppy on a budget, a must read if you are thinking of adding a little one to the family. 

How To Successfully Pitch To Small Businesses: The whole blogger/advertiser dynamic baffles me at the best of times, and I always thought asking outright for free items was a bit brazen anyway, but if you are interested in approaching a small business (or any business) take these tips to heart!

How To Avoid Your Creations Looking Handmade: I've finally started doing more than playing on my sewing machine, but I'm still too embarrassed to share anything with you guys because it looks seriously ratty. Maybe some of these tips will help. 

15 Ways To Get Past An Awkward Moment: I'm easily amused, and naturally awkward, so I found this pretty funny. 

What Shakespeare, Marie Antoinette & Other Historical Figures Would Look Like Today: I love these updated portraits of historical figures - especially the one of Elizabeth I. 

All About Disclosing Sponsored Posts: I'm not in the US so the same laws don't apply to me, but isn't it just good manners to disclose if you are getting paid for a post and I had no idea that some search engines will penalize websites that don't disclose their affiliate links. 

Business Cards & Brooches: I seem to have a lot of serious blogging posts this week, but Danielle's business cards and brooches and absolutely adorable! They suit her so well! 

It's Ann: If you've been watching The Great British Sewing Bee you'll love this interview with Ann, and if you've not it's worth it just to hear some advice from someone with 75 years sewing experience!