What I've Done: March

Sunday, April 07, 2013


  • Being busy. March has been the busiest month for me in quite a while, trying to juggle a much bigger workload (albeit temporarily) with everything else has really taken it out of me. By the time I was settled at home each evening I just didn't have the energy for anything. On the plus side now that it is all over I'm still getting up super early, for me, and fitting so much more into my day. 
  • Spring Take One. Back at the start of March we had a couple of absolutely lovely days, sunshine, blue skies and the flowers even started to peak out. It didn't last but it was lovely. 
  • Rediscovering StumbleUpon. It's been pretty awful for my creativity. 
  • Meeting Scallywags Mum. This was so exciting for me, Ermintrude is such an awesome dog and the way Scallywag reacted to her was just incredible. I never knew dogs recognized their mothers before. 
  • Mother's Day. I love my Mum more than anyone in the world, honestly, she rocks and I loved any time I get to hang out with her. 
Introducing a friend to the X-Files - I love it. Buying lots of books (although I haven't got round to much reading yet). Junk food, neither of us have been very good at cooking lately so there have been lots of pizzas. Playing the Sims 2. Long weekend walks with the dogs. Family dinners. Early bedtimes. Baths. Smooties.

Looking Forward To
A little bit more spare time. US Netflix (we just got it - so much Star Trek). Getting some reading done - I've just started 'Dead Pets: Eat Them, Stuff Them, Love Them' by Sam Leith. Sunshine. Beer gardens. Evening walks. Jackets not coats. More blogging and blog reading. Taking my own outfit photos again. Cutting back on my caffeine consumption (I've been running on coffee lately and it is not good). Pulling out my Summer wardrobe.

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  1. What series of Star Trek are you on? Jen and I finished Deep Space Nine and are planning on starting another. We love Star Trek! ^_^ March sounds like 'tis was absolutely lovely and I hope your April will be as well!

  2. We're on season 1 of TNG at the moment - I've never seen it all before. I'm excited about Voyager though, I watched it all as a teenager so I think we might do that next. It's all so good though, I keep wanting to search out my favourite episodes rather than wait xo

  3. oh boy, I got US Netflix too and it is just killing my evenings!! I just started watching Wilfred. I have laughed OUT LOUD, I mean like guffawed, at least once an episode. Plus I love Elijah Wood. It's baaaaad, man!!

  4. Man, I am watching my way through Buffy at the moment, I haven't dared to get Netflix, I just know it would suck all of my time!

    Maria xxx


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