Snapshots: Silly Self Portrait Practice

Friday, April 05, 2013

I have a confession for you guys, for the past few months I haven't taken any of my outfit photos - my long suffering boyfriend LF has been doing them for me. I'm so lucky to have a partner who not only actively supports my blog, but also contributes, reminding me to save posts that we talk about for my Monday Link List, encouraging me when I am thinking about posting something more personal and putting up with my pulling my camera out my bag at odd moments and demanding he photograph me. Basically, he rocks. 

On the other hand though, I kind of miss taking my own photos. I learnt so much about photography in my first year of blogging, starting off with a (pretty crappy) compact, to borrowing a friend's Olmypus e500 (thank you Gordon) and finally getting my own lovely Canon. I used to love taking half an hour out of my day to pop behind the house and set up my tripod, then frolic, fiddling with the settings until I had something I was happy with.

I'm determined over the next couple of months to return to my routes and get used to taking my own photos again. There are a couple of problems with this though, firstly it has been forever since I've done any self portraits and I am abysmally out of practice. Secondly, I've not found anywhere close I feel 100% comfortable taking photos on my own. We live in a lovely area but it is pretty busy, finding somewhere quiet enough that I won't be interupted mid photo is proving difficult. It's these times that I really wish we had a backgarden. I'm going to go for an explore this weekend and see if anywhere jumps out at me.

Until then I'm trying to get some practice in the house. We don't have the best light, or the nicest walls, so I ended up taking these ones in the bathroom. The light in there is lovely and at least the walls are white. I can't use it for outfit posts, there just isn't enough space but it works well for self portraits - I don't think you guys really want to see my bath or toilet. I had some fun fiddling with settings and making funny faces for a little while earlier this week and I am feeling way more confident about going out on my own soon. Any advice on taking your own outfit photos outside for a nervous nelly like me?

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  1. Practice like this is good though - and I agree that being able to take your own outfit photos can be a huge benefit, especially if the boyfriend gets busy (or fussy in my case!) You look adorable in these and they are really fun!

  2. I love these shots! Honestly, I can't offer advice on the neighbor anxiety, because I have that as well. Luckily our backyard is pretty closed off! Honestly, though, most likely even if anyone did see you, they wouldn't think anything of it!


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