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Monday, April 15, 2013

I miss the IT Crowd. 
Love this map of Hogwarts by Gamma Ray Burst
This umbrella 3D Mobile is absolutely adorable, I want one above my bed
These terranium instructions from Wit & Whistle is adorable
Yes, also can someone make me that hat? 
This Moss Faerie House is absolutely beautiful, by Sally Smith of NY

 Vintage Makeover Series: Ally started a new series on altering vintage dresses - I love her wardrobe so I'm excited to learn some of her tips and tricks.

I Adopted A Dog In Its Final Hours On Death Row: I wish I could adopt all the dogs, so this story really touched me. We've been looking into fostering dogs (like Adrian did recently) but can't do it until we own our own home :(

I Travel Full Time - With My Dog: From Sarah's true life series, we've always planned on travelling with the dogs (LF really wants to live in France again before we think about starting a family so I can learn the language) and while we knew it was possible with the pups, this article made me feel so much more confident about it.

Giant Peg Board Cross Stitch Wall Art: I'm always blown away by Allison's crafts and this one is no exception (plus I have a soft spot for anything cross stitch) I absolutely love the way the colours look on the black pegboard.

Before & After - Locks of Love: Erin donated some of her (gorgeous) red hair to Locks of Love, an awesome charity who make wigs for children with permanent hair loss. I love her new bob.

Turning A Too Short Dress Into A Blouse: I've got so many slightly too short dresses, this is such an easy fix to turn some of them into blouses.

Doing A Couch To 5K: Sarah talks about her first couple of weeks doing the Couch to 5K programme and her plans to run to support her cousin on Mother's Day.

Tips For Travelling Solo: I've actually never travelled alone, I generally travel to visit friends so I had never really thought about it until reading this guest post from RiKenna but suddenly it sounds incredibly tempting.

In other news, I'm taking part in Emma Deer's amazing Birthday Giveaway, you'll be able to enter with me tomorrow (I thought two posts in one day might be a bit much) but if you can't wait till then go to Em's blog and enter now!

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  1. In my bloglovin' feed all I saw was Moss's hair and eyes and I knew it was a must click as I adore his sweet style. Wonderful list :)

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for linking to my 'dress to blouse' post! Loving these other links too! :-)

    - October

  3. Love this post! So many pretty things :D

  4. That mobile is too cute! I bet you could make one. Also, I make terrariums, and there's nothing simpler :).
    Looking forward to reading all those linked posts.

    -Emma from

  5. I miss the IT Crowd too, such a good show!

    Maria xxx


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