10 Things I Do Instead Of Writing Blog Posts

Thursday, April 18, 2013

 We all have those times when we sit down to write a blog post and get distracted. In fact it happens to me much more than I would like - a lot of bloggers seem describe themselves as type A personalities, but that definitely isn't me. It takes a lot of organisation, berating myself and 'rewards' for me to keep blogging. Not that I don't absolutely love it - because I do - but when real life gets in the way I would much rather spend my evenings spending time with LFand the dogs. I'm very rarely organised enough to have posts scheduled more than a day in advance. 

So here is a short list of some of the many things that distract me when I sit down to write a post.

1. Get lost in new blogs: We've all had that moment, we just need a little inspiration, or you get a particularly sweet comment and then spend an hour trawling through someone's archives. Finding a new blog you love is one of my favourite things about this community - I'm constantly inspired and amazed by all the amazing people in our little community. But damn can it be distracting when you are trying to get something done.

2. Spend half an hour deciding what to watch on Netflix while I write: I love background noise, I'm one of those people who just cannot survive without some music or the tv going in the background. The problem is I never think to choose what I want to watch/listen to until I sit down, and then of course the first thing is never quite right, or LF doesn't like it, and then we spend another half hour deciding, again, what we want to watch. 

3. Checking Bloglovin' for new posts: it'll only take a minute, and I don't want to write a post that is the same as one someone else just wrote (in fact I'm tempted to check right now) and then of course something catches your eye, and then it's rude not to comment and then you see an awesome comment someone else left and then you are back at number 1.

4. Checking the news: and then getting caught up in whatever the latest story is.

5. Thinking about when I last took the dogs out: do they need a run? Do they look like they need to do their business? Should I take advantage of the brief moment between the rain while I can? Will they last till this evening? Where could I take them? Could I take outfit photos at the same time?

6. Decide to 'network' for a while, try to come up with witty remarks to make on Twitter: fail miserably, instead update people on what tea I am drinking.

7. Actually take the dogs out: realise that I live in Scotland and this sunlight isn't going to last, take the dogs for a run. Naturally it starts raining as soon as I leave the house, go back in for wellies, spend half an hour letting the dogs run in the rain, fail to take outfit photos, have to bath them both when we get some.

8. Check emails: spend half an hour deleting spam

9. Press Stumble by accident, get distracted looking at cute dog and cat gifs: wonder if I could convince Scallywag to to be cute on camera, keep pressing Stumble until midnight.

10. Think about unrelated thing: should I make tea? Should I make coffee? What should I wear tomorrow? What should I have for dinner? Am I hungry? Do I need to go to the shops? What would I do if one of the dogs ate a bumblebee? Have we got milk? Did I pay that bill? Have I got time to put a wash on? What book should I read next? Do I have time for a bath tonight? Did I remember to write today's blog post?

So what distracts you guys from blogging? Or am I the only one with the concentration span of a goldfish?

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  1. I always find something else to do, mainly reading other blogs. Now I try and have one day where I can schedule posts xxx

  2. So funny, I do the exact same thing. Sit down to post, three hours later I'm on tumblr clicking through like... J-pop tags, or something. Awesome post :)

  3. Number two all the way! I also get angry at netflix because I've pretty much seen everything even sort of worth seeing.

  4. I do this too! Dogs are up in my top distractions too. I think of a post then sometimes end up leaving it too long and missing the boat comepletely

  5. oh yes, I do a lot of these, a lot of clicking through to see new blogs or to "just check" if my favourite blogs have been updated, I think the internet does make it harder to be focused on one thing at a time


  6. Reading this post ;)
    Just kidding! I get so distracted...especially now when I've just started my blog and I'm so eager to find other blogs to read and connect with. There's so many awesome writers out there!!

    -Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

  7. Marie-Michelle La Rue19 April 2013 at 02:39

    1 and then 3, and then 1, and then 3 again. lots of 5 and 7 too...:)


  8. haha this is hilarious! I get soo distracted sometimes, too. Actually right now I'm here after violating #3. Yikes! Also just did 5 and 7 and regularly do 1, 4, 6, 8, 10. Maybe I should just admit to doing all of them, geez! I feel ya sister!


  9. hahahaha this post was funny :) in every other area of my life I get very easily distracted, I have the attention span of a goldfish poop, lol! But with blogging I have to be really organised, cause I'm getting limited web access at the moment.

    it's weird, some people say I'm a total control-freak, and others say I'm a complete slob...I have no idea which is true xoxox

  10. I always get distracted, usually by the TV!

    Maria xxx


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