365 Project: Week 7

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 41: Close up of Mania's eyes (we like to refer to her blue one as her David Bowie eye)

Day 42: Fluffy white clouds, what a lovely sight

Day 43: Off to have a wander round some charity shops (came home with a lovely stripy dress for £3.50!)

Day 44: Slate wall in the basement of the National Museum of Scotland

Day 45: True love is someone who will make you a cup of tea, and doesn't laugh when you turn it into an excuse for a photo shoot

Day 46: Scallywag isn't sure if she wants to play with the stick or eat it

Day 47: Homemade lasagne for dinner - yum!

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  1. your dogs eyes are amazing! so glad i stopped by. i could eat that lasagna any day too looks completely delicious.  -sammy ... heartandthrift.com

  2. Great photos! I love that 'love is someone not making fun of you for turning it into a photoshoot' hahahahhaha people always laugh at me for the weird things I take pictures of :D


  3. oh my, your dog is soo cool, and those eyes! I'm dying to get  a dog!


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