365 Project: Week 6

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Day 34: Hungover Sunday so we went for a meander with the dogs

Day 35: The National Museum of Scotland (I really want this typewriter)

Day 36: Fun with the puppies

Day 37: Tidy, tidy, tidy

Day 38: Finished another embroidery, more on that below

Day 39: Waiting outside the shops with the dogs

Day 40: Cute little rabbit pen holder

Conscientious Consumer: I've been feeling a little let down by my local charity shops this week, they seem to be getting progressively more expensive, and have less and less things I like in them (and just in time for my shopping ban) but I did manage to find a lovely corduroy shirt dress and green skirt that I have worn 3 times already. We've been really good at cooking this week too, apart from late last night when we bought a couple of pizzas instead of cooking (it was pretty late though). I feel like this aspect of my resolutions is going really well, and my bank balance is certainly happy about it too.

Create More: This week I managed to start and finish a new embroidery! I usually do some blog reading while I watch tv but I made a switch to being crafty instead and it has really paid off. Now I just need to find a nice frame so I can display it.

Be A Better Blogger: This one hasn't gone quite so well, I found a load of amazing new blogs in this months blog hop but I've not done a lot of blog reading or commenting this week. I'm planning on catching up with everyone today before I sort out tomorrow's Monday Link List post.

Hope you have all had great weekends, as I said, I'm looking forward to some blog reading today then trying to come up with something to give my better half for Valentines (so much pressure for one day!)

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  1. Great pictures! I think the one of the dogs outside the shops is my favourite - the low angle and all the mucky footprints round about them.

  2. Love that typewriter!

  3. love that typewriter.
    new follower :)

  4. Aw, your dogs are seriously adorable!!

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