Month In Review: December 2012

Friday, January 04, 2013

  • A family holiday. Getting away with my parents and brother was absolutely amazing, we didn't do much, in fact it was a pretty lazy few days, but just what I needed in the run up to Christmas. I did miss my wonderful boyfriend and the dogs though. 
  • Christmas Day. Well of course this had to be a highlight, I had a wonderful Christmas and got some equally wonderful presents. 
  • Friends. We've had so many people staying at the flat this month, I love having people over to visit, and while it has made me rather unproductive all month, I have made some wonderful memories, eve if I have felt a bit overwhelmed by the end of it. 
  • Cooking. After my successful meal at the start of the month I've felt a little bit more confident in the kitchen and have started cooking for my boyfriend, rather than letting him cook for me. I've learnt quite a lot already, and I am looking forward to trying out even more recipes in the new year. 
  • Hogmanay. I didn't do much for New Year this year, in fact for the bells I was curled up on the couch underneath a shaking Scallywag, but I did get to share a bottle of Cava with my friends when they got back, and as you all know, I am excited about the new start each years gives you. 
Devouring every TV Christmas special I can find. Ditto every Christmas film. Getting back into reading with a couple of light fictions. Baking, lots and lots of baking, and then eating all of it. Eating my way through my Advent Calender. Wrapping presents. Planning for next year. 

New (To Me) Blogs

Looking Forward To
Implementing my New Year's resolutions, taking some time to chill out and relax, doing a deep clean of the flat and making even more plans for the next twelve months. 

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  1. Happy New Year! I plan to spend this weekend cleaning the house as well so I can start this year with some clean laundry :D 

  2. Sounds like it was quite the fun indulgent month as all Decembers should be! I've loved seeing how your blog has developed over the past year and following all of your adventures so I'm looking forward to seeing what the new year brings :)

  3. Sounds like a great month! Wishing you the best in 2013, x

    <3 Melissa

  4. Sounds similar to me and my boyfriend, he loves cooking and I'd never had to as I pretty much lived on salad or my mums cooking at home. Since we moved out I've cooked a few meals and he now says I lied when I said I couldn't cook. I told him I never said I couldn't I just didn't know how to but I can follow a recipe well xxx

  5. Happy New Year! Looks like you had a lovely time over the holidays. I absolutely love your horse print dress below, it's amazing! Looking forward to following along x

  6. Its great when you have a productive month, you may feel worn out and a little but overwhelmed by it but at least you know you've done something worth while and enjoyed it. I hope January is wonderful in its own way too :)

  7. I love December!  So full of festive times and homey cooking.  Sounds like you had a wonderful one. :)

  8. I just stumbled across your blog and adore it! This month in review post was great. I'll be back to read more! 


  9. What a fun way to wrap up the year! :D Love this post and your blog. :)

  10. I wish  I had the same Christmas as you did. All i did was lie down, eating cup noodles and watching random stuff in the TV... Wish you had a great New Year's Day too! :)

    Started following your fabulous blog! Hope you visit mine and follow back too... :)


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