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Monday, January 21, 2013

I love the colours in this rabbit illustration by AmberAlexander, such a beauty filled shop.  
Every single freaking day. Print by Chris Carfolite.
Now we've got our own coffee machine I'm drinking a lot more, these homemade coffee syrups from Elsie and Emma would make my mornings even more delicious.
Bekuh's Instagram Art is so simple but so beautiful

Another cute glove DIY, this time from Katherine, I'm totally smitten with the snowflake ones too.

Candid Thoughts On Ethically Produced Clothing: Elizabeth's post has really inspired me to work on my resolution to avoid fast fashion, and has inspired me to start saving up for something extra special as a reward if I manage a couple of months without giving in.

Styling Tricks For Summer Dresses: I'm pretty good at layering anyway, but Carina's post really inspired me to pull out some of my Summer dresses again, rather than letting my January frump kick in any more than it already has.

January 2013 Mixtape: I'm so glad Kaelah is doing her mixtapes again, it was one of my favourite features, and this month she has even included a lovely free album sleeve download in with it!

How To Darn Socks: Seriously, how did I not know how to do this?

Photo 101 - Getting To Know Your Camera: I can use all the help possible learning more about my camera, and Shell's post was really helpful.

Risking A Blog Relaunch: Mandi gives some really useful advice if you are considering switching your blog name or platform.

Cupcake Basics: Jes shares her absolute favourite cupcake recipes.

Feminism Friday - Transphobia: Britt post in response to a (disgusting) article by Julie Birchill was fantastic, and made me think a lot about the various types of discrimination that managed to thrive in this world.

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  1. Oh my, I love that rabbit print! Thank you for the Eysy link, now where's my purse ;)

    Kate x
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