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Monday, January 28, 2013

I am totally crazy about these sheets from Urban Outfitters, pity our dogs would destroy them

This heart journal from CrimsonHollow is absolutely perfect for any writer on Valentines day.

This print by Red Autumn is lovely, I love the mix of fonts.

Shanti's recipe for Raw Peach Pie looks absolutely delicious.

I love Heart Stamped Shoes DIY from Jessa, so cute!

These Eye Test Tights are so fun!

Photographer Recreates His Dreams As Surreal Photographs: These photos are absolutely amazing, and such an interesting look into the photographers mind at the same time.

Snowman's View: This film taken from instead a snowman as tigers at Longleaf Safari Park is kind of beautiful and sad.

A Thank You Letter For The Haters: Jes talks about finding inspiration from her trolls. Such a freaking amazing woman.

Once Upon A Tea Break: Megan talks about the institution that is tea breaks, that fifteen minutes you get to fortify yourself before battling the world again.

What You Should Know About Image Maps: I really want to learn how to do these, at the moment all my image links are individual files but I think it would be much neater to do it this way. Maybe next time I change around my layout...

3 Tips For Conquering Anxiety & Getting Down A First Draft: I really want to start writing fiction again, but nothing I have come up with lately feel quite good enough, this might have given me the push to just get on with it.

My New Year Wish: Neil Gaiman shares his hopes for your new year (old, and slightly behind the times but I love it)

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  1. So many great links for me to read... and I feel like I need to institute tea time in my classroom!

  2. Those sheets are gorgeous, I love the print!

    Maria xxx

  3. The Neil Gaiman wish  is lovely!

  4. Doesn't Urban Outfitters have the prettiest sheets and quilts? I absolutely love this one, I hadn't seen it before ^^ And now please excuses me when I go force my mom to make that peach pie with me tomorrow... x

  5. I am in love with that duvet from Urban Outfitters! I spend waaay too much time browsing their apartment section.

  6. Oh those tights!  How I would love a pair of those cuties :-)  I loved that letter to the haters...genius and so very true!  I've had my eye on that same bedding from UO - so very pretty.  xo Marisa

  7. This list is fantastic, so many great goodies!


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