365 Project: Week 2

Sunday, January 13, 2013

This week it definitely felt like more of a struggle to get my 365 done, a case of real life getting in the way, starting with feeling decidedly under the weather (not so good) and ending with a couple of days away visiting friends (much better). To be honest I am just glad I managed, I was pushing myself really hard to take and edit photos the same day and letting myself slide a little and just enjoy taking lots of photos over the weekend was much more relaxing.

Day 6: Scallywag is just too photogenic not to take advantage of! Although she is looking particularly serious in this photo.

Day 7: When some roses I had in the kitchen began to wilt last week I decided to use them to make my own pot-pourri, this is just as they finished drying.

Day 8: I found these wee guys hiding away in a box so I moved them up on to one of my book shelves, I can't believe I had forgotten all about them! I'm going to try and keep my eye out for a couple more and try and build a little collection.

Day 9: Movie nights always need popcorn.

Day 10: Getting ready to go out for a drink, despite feeling ill, my plans fell through but I did feel a lot better after getting dressed up.

Day 11: What can I say? Flowers always make me smile, and the colours on this photo came out ridiculously vibrant.

Day 12: I spent most of the day with my head on this cushion watching films, eating leftover holiday chocolate and playing boardgames.

This week has been a bit of a lull on most fronts, I've not managed to do any blogging, I'm getting further and further behind on emails, not to mention real life stuff. I did manage to get my sewing machine out and have a fiddle around with it though. I haven't done any machine sewing since Home Economics in high school, so all I did was get it set up and test out the different stitches, but it's progress, even if it was only a couple of hours one afternoon.

Hope you have all had more productive days than me, I'll do my best to sort out emails and responding to comments (along with some much missed blog reading) as early in the week as possible. Now, I'm off to bed (why do I do this to myself?)

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  1. Your dog is adorable! And you are so pretty!

  2. Scallywag is gorgeous! I love your owls too- I am growing quite a collection of them myself!

    Maria xxx

  3. I hope you feel better soon! Good luck continuing on your 365 project!

  4. sweet pics!!  love your dog and the rose petals.  Have a great week!

  5. I *love* your photos! All of them are beautiful.

    I've been struggling a bit this week - most of the photos are "what can I see from where I'm slumped on the sofa?" - but today was my 25th day and I felt really pleased to reach that small milestone.

  6. Scallywag is one good lookin' woofer! :)

    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  7. Sometimes it does make you feel better to get off the couch and get dressed - I feel that too! Hope you're feeling back to yourself again!


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