365 Project: Week 1

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Well, week one of my 365 Project is over and completed, and I've already learnt some important lessons about not leaving it too late in the day to take my photos, especially if I want to do them outside (so many went straight into the my recycle folder). But I managed! Here are the fruits of my labour (sorry if you have already seen them on Instagram or ShutterCal).

Day 1: On a wander through Edinburgh's New Town.
Day 2: Mania got really bored and tried to wander off while we were taking outfit photos. Don't worry, she got a long run just after this.
Day 3: On my way back from having coffee, I've always loved the story of Greyfriar's Bobby (if you don't know the story check it out here)
Day 4: The back of the Elephant House (apparently where JKR wrote some of the Harry Potter series) this is actually my least favourite photo so far, I left it too late and it was getting dark by the time I got out. 
Day 5: A worrying number of my Christmas presents were bath things, I'm hoping that is just because my friends and family know I love them, and not a subtle hint I need to wash more. 

To make myself a little bit more accountable I'm also going to be giving a quick run down of how my other resolutions are going too. You guys were so supportive in my resolutions post, I hope you don't mind hearing about them again. 

Conscientious Consumer: I haven't bought any new clothing items this week, so I'm considering that a win (although I was really tempted by a dress in Primark) we've also had a bit of a veggie focussed week so we've been making lots of trips to our local veg shop and everything else has been bought from our local newsagent. Not perfect, there are definitely better places for our to buy our essential like pasta and rice in our neighbourhood, but we bought from small, local businesses so I'm pretty happy. 

Create More: No progress this week, but I have got lots of plans. 

Keep a Journal: Ok, this has been a bit of a failure, I managed the first two days then stopped. I have managed to write every day since New Year though, and I am happy about that. I think as long as I write something each day I will be happy. 

Be a Better Blogger: I'm not really sure how to measure this, I've definitely made an effort this week to comment as much as possible, and try and reply to more of you who comment here. I've also been a little more active on Twitter. Now I just need to keep it up and not retreat back into my shell. 

And a quick hello to any new readers via the Totally Awesome Blog Hop. This month is one of the best ever. If you aren't already taking part what are you doing here? Go add yourself to the list!

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  1. Hi Alice and thanks for the lovely comment over on my blog!  Our Schnauzer pup is called Floyd, he's 5 months old and is totally adorable.  We've never had a dog before and we're really enjoying having him in our family. Rachel xx

  2. I love the Edinburgh's New Town photo. It's gorgeous. I, too, decided on a 365 for one of my 2013 Goal. So far I only missed one day (also due to waiting too late in the day and not being able to get a good shot). I added a photo from the previous day to ShutterCal because I couldn't stand the blank day. Kind of cheating, I guess...:)

  3. loving your blog and your gorgeous photos, newest follower on GFC, hope  you can follow back :)


  4. I'm just after posting about my own new year's resolutions but I think I may add the 365 project to it...what a great idea. It'll be more like the 359 project at this point though :) Your photos are all great but the bath tub one is definitely my favourite...the bubbles with the dissolving pink heart has a real magical feel. Good luck with the rest of your resolutions...considering it's only the 6th of January you're making great progress!

  5. That bath looks amazing! 

    Maria xxx

  6. There photos are beautiful! :)


  7. Well done on your first week of 365, and good luck with your resolutions! 

  8. hello there! just found you via the blog hop! I'm a newby follower...I'll be back to have a proper look over your blog later...looks fab x 

  9. love these!  Can't wait to see the next ones :)

  10. It looks like you're doing great so far. I hope I can keep up with my goals too haha. xo

  11. These are a beautiful snapshot of your life, I love your use of lighting. I'm on the 365 project train too, I wish us luck!


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