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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This lovely print is available for free download from Avalon Rose Design
This watercolour and pencil illustration, 'Their Ancestors Were Wolves' by Lukaluka is absolutely beautiful.
Another beautiful print, this one by Bianca Green
These qualities for a beautiful life are perfect, from Christine Rose Elle
This illustration from Jill Tytherleigh is making me crave a cup of tea and a biscuit
The Lovely Closet: Erin and Stephanie have taken their business online, I could spend forever looking through all those beautiful clothes. 

Hi Friend: Definitely the cutest post all week, Charlene has a pet hedgehog who finally made an appearance on her blog. He's so adorable!

Thrifting 101: Kailey passes on her best tips for finding thrift store goodies. The only thing I would add is wear something comfy that you can try things on over the top, a lot of places don't have fitting rooms and it's pretty frustrating taking something home, washing it and realising it doesn't fit. 

How We Judge Others: Sarah talks about how her attitude towards people has changed, and her efforts to be more compassionate towards strangers. 

New Chapter For Mystery Book Sculptures: I spoke about the mystery book sculptor last year, and she is back! Six new sculptures have been hidden around Scotland, with the first being found in Glasgow yesterday. What a perfect way to celebrate Book Week. 

Get Off The Guilt Train: I live in guilt, I'm always thinking I can do more, fit everything in. Obviously I can't, or this would have been published yesterday, when it was actually Monday. It must have been fate though, because I think I really needed to read Chantilly's post about banishing unnecessary guilt from her life. 

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  1. LOVEloveLOVE the weapons of mass creations poster. Love. Found you on the Totally Awesome Blog Hop and I'm so glad that I did.


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