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Monday, November 19, 2012

I'm absolutely crazy about this adorable illustration, I just wish I could find an original source!
This Fall Wreath DIY from Feathers & Freckles is absolutely adorable.
These Awkward Merit Badges from Pleated Jeans are hilarious, it's just a pity it is so funny because I do them so often. 
This Harry Potter inspired artwork is beautiful.
This print by TheWheatField is absolutely stunning, I love the Autumnal colours. 
I love everything about Rachel's outfit, the red tartan, the velvet bow and the blazer is a lovely combination.
This design from Small Talk Studio is absolutely beautiful

Tachemob Flashmob: Charlotte's photos of a flash mob in Edinburgh or Robert Louis Stevenson Day are amazing, I need to keep more up to date in what is happening in my own city!

6 Tips For (Anyone) Taking Photos: You find a lot of advice on taking good photos on blogs, but Bekuh gives some great tips that don't depend on expensive camera or photo editing software.

How I Come Up With Blog Post Ideas: Sarah shared some of the ways she comes up with new content for her blog. I always love her content, so it was interesting to see where she draws inspiration from.

On Blogging & Why People Care: Carly talks about the reasons that we blog and read blogs, and why we are drawn to certain blogs over others.

It Happened To Me: I Was A 'Lazy Welfare Mom': I'm fascinated by people's stories and I found Barbara's story about taking care of two children while on welfare was a really interesting read.

On Feminism & Equality In Parenting Blogs: Franca talks about the lack of equality in pregnancy blogs and the need to put more emphasis on parenting, not just mothering.

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  1. Awkward merit badges! Pretty sure I would have a vest full of those things.. except the boner! Ha! Happy MOnday :)

  2. Man, I would have nearly all of those awkward merits!

    Maria xxx

  3. I've earned my "called someone wrong name" and "too nervous, cancelled plan" badges way too many times :)

  4. Ohhh that first image made me smile from ear to ear! I love that :D And thank you for including my wreath :) I'm flattered!

  5. I am going to check out those posts on how to come up with subjects and on why people care about blogging right away! They sound very interesting, and as I'm not a fan of that IFB website, maybe these articles will be of more value to me :) Thank you for sending me to them! :D x

  6. Hey, thanks for including me! And I love the cats full of bees!

  7. No worries, I hope they are useful. I used to be a member of IFB but I quit recently (although for some reason they still haven't taken me off their email list) have you had a look at the Better Blogger Network? Their advice is along the same lines as most blogging advice, but their forums are actually quite useful (and not 99% follow me I'll follow you type thing) xo

  8. oh yay! so glad you liked the bow tie and plaid outfit! and its made my day to be on your list :-) xx

  9. I love those awkward merit badges! I think I've just about earned all of them ahaha

    <3 Melissa

  10. Those merit badges are cracking me up!! I'm also going to go check out the "taking photo" link because that is totally something I need to do a better job of for my posts! Thanks for all the fun links!! : )


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