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Monday, November 12, 2012

These amazing railway posters are available from the London Transport Museum and they are absolutely beautiful.
This poster from The Readables is perfect. 
This free project is absolutely adorable. I love needlework and these are just so cute, from Open House Miniatures
This dress from Plum & Pigeon is adorable! I love the polka dots and the collar is adorable. 
This cover for the book I Can Fly, by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Mary Blair is gorgeous

Thrifty Ways To Keep Warm This Winter: I've always seen heating as kind of a luxury, especially when I was a student, so this list is a nice reminder of things I need to do so I can avoid turning it on as long as possible. Our bed is right by the window, so I am definitely going to be adding some lining to my curtains next weekend.

Phoenix Zombie Walk: I missed out on Edinburgh's Zombie Walk last weekend and I am really regretting it after seeing Adrian's photos of one in Phoenix, very creepy.

The Cat Cafe: Stephanie and Erin visited a Cat Cafe in Tokyo, and I fell in love. Do you think I can start something similar here with puppies?

Why I Decided To Use My Own Name For My Brand: Moorea talks about choosing her business name, and has some useful advice on naming your business and/or blog.

Tips For Starting A Blog: Elizabeth shares some of her wisdom on starting (or improving your blog) I wish I had known some of these things before I started, especially about taking your own photos. It took me ages to get the guts to go out with my camera and tripod but it totally changed my life. I actually find it more difficult now if someone else is taking my photos (but maybe I'm just a bit of a control freak).

Winter Essentials: Maria talks about her favourite bits of Winter and models her (much more stylish than mine) 'slob suit'.

And finally, for those of us starting suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, Amber Rose posted 'When In Doubt Wear Higher Heels & More Lipstick' (although high heels only lead to accidents in my experience) while Jes took a more serious approach with a number of suggestions on what can help when it feels like life is kicking your ass in her post 'The Emotional First Aid Kit'.

Life certainly feels like it is kicking my ass at the moment, after staying up way too late on Tuesday night to see the US election results I've been in a bit of a funk. I'm determined that the new week is going to be better. Today I've taken the dogs on a long morning walk and had coffee with a friend this afternoon, which leads me to believe this week will be amazing.

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  1. I just fell in love with that dress! It's amazing! 

  2. I loved that article by Elizabeth of Delightfully tacky as well, I also take self photos with a tripod and now that I'm used to it, I prefer it :)  

  3. That dress is absolutely darling. I love!



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